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Winning design #38 by DiogoCabral7, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DiogoCabral7

Project description

We want a scary, creepy looking clown face. 

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  • All right everybody the contest is about to end as you can see. Before I choose I just want to thank everyone that participated. I've seen a lot of brilliant designs. Thanks everyone!
  • Hi, feel free to let me know if you need any changes on the design, thank you. #47
  • MES
    @generalnick300 hello #51. what do you think?
  • Now check it #40
  • MES
    @generalnick300 hello #41 . what do you think?
    • @MES Looks GREAT!!! I love it! Really like the feel. If you could put the name at the bottom that would be great

  • here's my try, hope you'll like it #39
  • about #34

    @generalnick300 what do you think about this one?
    • @tonimg1992 I really like that one. It captures a lot of what I'm looking for. Good job!

    • @generalnick300 thanks for the feedback! if you want to see some changes feel free to ask.

  • generalnick300 still having doubts ? Just follow your gut.
    The best
    Diogo #26
    • @DiogoCabral7 If you could capitalize the first C that would be great! Thanks man

    • @generalnick300 I can do whatever you need. Just need to know what I got to do to win this competition!

  • thanks #20
    • @Zukarinkuari I like this one a lot. Great job!

    • @generalnick300 Please, choose original designs.. i'm sorry @Zukarinkuari but this is almost identical to this

  • generalnick300

    About #16,
    I wanted to create a really scary Creepy Clown for you.
    Feedback please....... :) '
    • @Routh I think you did a good job. This is what I was looking for

  • simple , modern , and NOT tACKY....
    please give feedback and rate . thanks :) #23
  • Ho generalnick300. About #13, do you want just the face or text as well?
    • @DiogoCabral7 I LOVE it! You've done a great job! Yeah if you could put the text that would be awesome!

  • About #16, @Routh
    I wanted to create a really scary Creepy Clown for you.
    Feedback please....... :) '
  • Keep up all the hard work. This is going to be a hard choice. I'm seeing so many awesome designs. Thanks everyone!
  • Here is a colour draft. the face isn't finished but I need you to work the details. If you chose my design I will refine it until you are 150% satisfied!.
    Best regards #7
    • @DiogoCabral7 Sorry I took so long to respond. Yeah I like how it's coming. Maybe take off the horns and change the colors a bit. I think the hat looked good. Any other questions just let me know. Keep up the great work.

    • @generalnick300 It's ok. Do you want text also ? I submitted another idea maybe it could be the illustration for your website?!
      They are not supossed to be horns, ahah it was the hair (as i said isnt finished yet. But I'll go for the hat and more hair maybe)

  • Greetings generalnick. What do you think about this ? It is still just a sketch but I though i'd update anyway. It would be great to have more info on what you seek so that I can match the clown fit.
    Will you need to print ? just web ? I can make it realistic, coloured with texture or vector drawing maybe a little more cartoonish, you name it sir.
    Regards #1
    • @DiogoCabral7 Yeah I know I was kind of vague. I like the design you have so far. Some color would be great. We're definitely going for a darker look so maybe a serial killer looking clown. Love the scar over the eye! If you want any specific details just reply back. Looks great keep it up!

    • @generalnick300 Hi, that's great to know. If the tone is more serial killer maybe i'll make him more agressive.
      What is the output of this image ? it it for logo or a bigger illustration ? can you give us some dimensions of image you need?

    • @DiogoCabral7 JPEG would be great for the image output. Yeah it's a logo for a startup business. The dimensions are 300 x 300 pixels. Thanks man. Appreciate what you're doing! Keep me posted!

  • I'm sorry I was a little vague. If you need any specific details just be sure to let me know. This is my first time doing this just so you know. Dark, realistic, serial killer like feel. Thanks and keep me posted!
    • @generalnick300 Hi! is it for a corporate logo o for an illustration of some kind?

    • @tonimg1992 Yes it's for a startup business.

  • Hi, this is the digital refinement of the other drawing. I would need to how much details do you need #6
  • can you give more details? black and white? Colors? Realistic or comic like?
    Thank you!
    • @kiteri1 Yeah I was a little vague I agree. So colored would be great. Realistic would be a good feel. Looking for a horror movie, serial killer like tone to it.