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I would like to thank all designers for their time and proposals and thank you to It is definitely a great idea and I am very happy with my logo - thank you so much Kevin! I'll use again for my website and visit cards. Carole

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Dear Designers, CREWTech is a Swiss based company which purpose is to sell swiss cleaning products worlwide as well as energy/recycling and waste solutions worlwide. C stands for cleaning, R for recycling, E for energy and W for waste. These 4 words have to be integrated into the logo to explain what we do. The sign I would like to see in the logo is a triangular or diamond-shaped form.

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  • Hello Carol1, could you please give me some feedback on my designs #8 and #9
  • Is there any colors what you really want for the logo?
    • Hi Melissa, Blue should be in the logo - it symbolizes cleaning. Some white/grey/black as well. Why not green - link to nature/recycling/energy/waste....

    • |--|

      carole1 {*wrote*}:
      Hi Melissa, Blue should be in the logo - it symbolizes cleaning. Some white/grey/black as well. Why not green - link to nature/recycling/energy/waste....
      |--| Alright please let me know if there is anything else you think of that you want in your logo.

    • a sign, a symbol like a triangular or whatever that gives the idea of a link between cleaning/energy/waste and recycling. Will get back to you if I think of anythingelse.

  • Hi batman, Interesting...The color in Tech looks different than the one of the arrow - they should definitely be the same. The colored versions are better than the black and white ones. Have you tried with Tech in black or a gradation of black and white for CREWTech? Would be interesting to see what happens...Thx.
    • thanks for the feedback. i'll update it. thanks again.

    • I uploaded my updated design. #63 please check it out. thanks :)

  • Hi, Thanks for your second proposal. Can you rework it as follows? Get rid of international consulting - it does not explain what we do. Put cleaning, recycling, energy and waste instead. Get rid of the red, put some blue. The green should be more pastel, less flashy. Instead of the planet, just put a white/grey circle to give the idea of a pearl and the arrows should not stick the pearl too much, they should be around it. The police should be a bit straighter - industry = no fun :) Thanks a lot!
    • I have also reworked this one, let me know if you like this or if i can change anything else :) #59

  • Maybe slight changes like please put Tech in small letters and maybe the blue in CREW either green or light blue - have you tried those colors? Thx!
    • Hi, Thank you for your feedback i have uploaded the updated logo #35 Thanks.

  • Let's try this: put the words in the same color than Tech. The "e" of waste should end under the "T" of Tech and then we'll see what happens. Tx!
    • you mean like my entry # 34?, text color "Cleaning / Recycling / Energy / Waste" the same color as the text "Tech"?, for the placement of "Waste" I took down, perpendicular "T" in Tech Thanks

    • yep - text color "Cleaning / Recycling / Energy / Waste" the same color as the text "Tech" and little black diamonds/triangulars instead of slashes between the words = great value for the logo.

  • Hi, Good's different, unusual...will think about it!
  • Same thing with this design - please change the slashes. I am sure there are better signs to be found.
  • Very good job keyla, last change would be to find another sign instead of the slashes - triangulars, little diamond-like signs or whatever you think suitable. Tx a lot.
  • Looks good sajid....instead of the slashes between the 4 words, try someting less usual like little crosses or triangulars or whatever sign you think suitable - it will add the special thing I still miss in your logo. Tx a lot!
  • The non-glossy version is definitely better. Can you send me the logo with the white background only? Tx.
  • Way better sajid! Let's try and add a feeling of volume in the name. Maybe a glossy black for CREW so that we can see the difference between the black of CREW and the grey of Tech? the four words should be the same color than Tech. Tx!
  • Top one is again better :) but I still miss something - don't know what. If you have other ideas to write those 4 words, they are welcome!
  • Thank you keyla and no problem with your English :) the white background is definitely the best. Try this: keep black and grey for CREWTech but skip the glossy (same design as CREWTech in white). Then for cleaning, recycling, energy, waste - write them a bit smaller and seperate them with a slash. The police for these words should be more straight, less round and you can use the grey of Tech (again not glossy). Can you try it like this and we see what happens? Thx!!!
  • Hi Heyla, I like your proposal, especially the symbol. As far as the police is concerned, it should be more straight (we are talking about industrial projects, the police should be more like design n°1). Instead of international consulting, I would like to see cleaning : energy : recycling : waste. The logo should tell people what the company does. Can you re-work your logo? Many thanks. Carole
    • thank you for the feedback, I am ready ... if you want the addition of dry text: energy: recycling: waste?

    • yep keyla, put cleaning:energy:reclycling:waste instead of international consulting. Thanks!

    • Thank you for your feedback ... I re-submit # 24. let me know if there is a change in the color and logo sorry my bad english

  • Good job with the top one - instead of ", &", I would like to see slashes. Thanks!
  • Ronaldo, Please keep the design of #10 - it is almost perfect! Just play with the R of CREW and make it a big longer. From there on, write the 4 words (even smaller if not enough space)so that we have the four words on the side - exactly the way you wrote international consulting in design #10. Thanks a lot!!
  • Ronaldo, one last thing, I think we can play with the CREW. Stick to a "straight" police but find one where for example the R in CREW would be a bit longer. Play with CREW but keep the Tech and the four words as they are. I really like your proposal - it is really just a matter of details.
    • Thank you :) i made some quick adjustments. its always possible to alter the text.

  • Hi dandor, I am sorry but the blue ones were better. In fact it should be a gradation of blue and green and the blue and the green should be more pastel and less flashy. General feeling is to give the idea that we protect our planet with our technologies.
  • Hi sajid, Bottom logo is better. The sign should give the feeling that what we do helps protect our planet so the green form as to be thought differently. You are almost there. The 4 words are too long, they should be smaller, on the right side and at the border of Tech for example. Thanks. Carole