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Winning design #73 by janhgph, Logo Design for Crooked Rod Charters Contest
Gold Medal

designed by janhgph

Project description

Tarpon fishing charter company... Crooked Rod Charters.  I would like the logo to feature a tarpon drawing of some sort in it.  I would like the font to be a little more modern/trendy.  I have attached a couple tarpon outlines and a logo I like a little.  You can see my website at for some inspiration.

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  • Can you make the eye not visible in the fish... and make the outline of the reel a spinning reel instead of a baitcaster? #73
    • @kmagnuss_2000 yes, sure I'll revise and send you another version

    • @kmagnuss_2000 yes, sure I'll revise and send you another version

    • @kmagnuss_2000 Hi made the revisions but the contest expired 9 mins. ago. I'm not sure how to upload the revised version.

  • changed fish mouth #117
  • Hopefully we can cooperate well :) #109
  • Hopefully we can cooperate well :) #108
  • raa
    I put more emphasis (boldfaced) on Crooked Rod. #99
  • raa
    Submitting this option with font change request. #89
  • raa
    About #85, @raa No problem. Coming up.
  • raa
    About #85, @raa No problem. Coming up.
  • i admit defeat. I won't be able to exceed this one. haha. it's so cool! #80
  • Can you use the same font as on my website for this? #85
  • raa
    Third option. #86
  • raa
    I am uploading two new options that I hope address your concerns. This is my second option. Thanks. #85
  • raa
    About #80, @raa Thank you. My intention was to get it down to the bare essential. I'll take a look and make it a little more identifiable without getting too far away from this concept. Glad you like it!
  • I REALLY like this one... the problem is that only people who REALLY know tarpon will know what it is. But dang... I love it. #80
  • raa
    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #80
  • @kmagnuss_2000 #78
  • @kmagnuss_2000 What do you think? #77
  • Hi. Changes of design. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks. #72
  • This one also #68
  • This one also #67