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Winning design #170 by sdtr, Logo Design for Crossfit Kisco Contest
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designed by sdtr

Project description

Crossfit Kisco is the name of a training facility. Crossfit is a type of training that involves very high intensity workouts. We want the color scheme to be balck with lime green (florescent green, bright green)and white. We want the initials of the company to be either CK or CFK. We were thinking about some sort of graffiti involved. That's just one idea tho. Again, this company represents a high intensity training facility.

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  • Please have a look and rate #43 Thanks
  • brighter green
  • make it a brighter green.
  • nick, thanks for appreciating my design in #15.... here is my revision... #166.... #165... hope you like it... Best Regards, alvinnavarra
  • Hi CH, I represent updated верасию logo #157, speed of the shot, full freedom of movement and confidence. Thanks!
  • #150 this is without the gradient around. if you want the bricks lighter/darker/softer/sharper etc just let me know. Thanks. Aaron
  • Awesome! lets see it without the blur and have just the brick in the background.
  • Awesome! lets see it without the blur and just the brick in the background.
  • #142 #143 #144 #145 thank you for your feedback. Here are some revisions for you. Once again all text, fonts, colors & layout is editable so if you have any adjustments you would like to see just let me know. A
  • Also lets see it with a black or grey brick wall behind it
  • very cool...try it in a different way
  • try a much brighter green
  • cool...but can you do a little more with it?
  • too cartoonish
  • love this....Let me see these a few different ways (add a little bright blue)
  • About #129 and #130 Hi Ch, Here is my second design. #129 and #130 a clean designs. Thanks; wengcharl
  • About #124, #125, #126 and #127 Hi Ch, Good Day CH, Here is my concept and ideas in 4 variations. Hope this is the right one... Have a nice day... Thanks; wengcharl
  • Hi CH, to the work #107,#108 I have tried to give as much as possible modern and confident kind. In my opinion it was possible to me. But a word for you! Thanks!
  • Do you mean LIKE this... (which i see a fellow designer has blatantly copied!) tut tut michaille09
  • Hi there. firstly given that time is running out i want you to know that if at the close of this competition you still find my design the most appealing i will continue to work with you to make sure that you are 100% happy with the final design no matter how long it takes. Secondly; apologies I have only just come back online and seen your adjustment request. Im sure this is possible but to help me if you could send me a link to a design style similar to what you want that would be a huge help. Aaron