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Winning design #76 by bysaule, Logo Design for Crosswind Logo Design Contest Contest
Gold Medal

designed by bysaule

Project description

The goal of the project is to find a suitable logo for our new company Crosswind. The company offers service in the location intelligence as well as traditional business intelligence area. We provide two PDF files with our initial ideas. The following points are crucial: 1. Color - The logo's color is orange, or say, orange-ish. The sample colours provided below are just examples. There may be other orange-ish colors as well. Also white and black may be part of the design. 2. Name - The company's name is 'Crosswind' 3. Slogan - The slogan is 'Unlock the Where'. This slogan must be part of the design. 4. Font - Our favourite fonts include: Frutiger, Helvetica, Univers 5. Globe - This point is very important: the logo design must show some kind of globe in it, i.e., an orange-ish globe, showing Europe to the front. 6. Format - Also very import, everything needs to be in vector graphics format, i.e., in the end we need the logo in either .eps, .ai., .ps or any other common vector graphics format.

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  • hi christoph, can you give more information about what you do in your business..thanks!
    • Hi numbersix We do location intelligence, i.e., the combination of traditional business intelligence (reporting, dashboarding, olap) with spatial / geographic analyses.

    • WOW..sounds tough=) i will research on your field so i can come up with a good design..thanks do you like your logo to look more industrial?

    • I am not sure I know exactly what an industrial solution looks like ... A good logo tells the viewer that we do something intelligent / clever with 'location', i.e., geography / maps.

    • May I know the waht you meant about your name crosswind?

    • Meaning of the name: For airplane pilots, it is important to know about the direction of the wind. If you are taking off or landing, and you know, you have to expect crosswind, it is not dangerous. Otherwise, bad things can happen. Same for businesses: Our company does Location Intelligence as a specialization of Business Intelligence. We help companies to identify "crosswind" in the market so that they are able to act or react adequately.

    • beautiful! this is the detail i am looking for. thanks!

  • Hi CH, If you have any comments regarding my submission #3, please do tell me. I'm more than happy to help out! Thanks, Aniketb
  • Hi there, the globe is much too big when compared to the font part. Also the globe should show Europe instead of Asia.
  • Hi CH, Can you please tell us more about what your company is? Do you have colors or graphics that you prefer? Who is your target audience?
    • Hi grabbergirl Please find more information and examples in the Brief section.

  • Hello christophkiefer, My design #20 incorporates a lower case "r", used along side the "C" creates a key hole. Thus matching your tag line. I hope you like this. Any feedback or improvements, please make me aware and I would be more than happy to help. Thanks for your time.
  • This is interesting. Plase make a suggestion with dark grey instead of black or only one orange color and dark grey.
  • The globe needs improvements (Europe in center) and thinner graphics.
  • We don't like the W with the arrows
  • Mockups not allowed in logo contests
  • Hi CH, I have submitted the entries #48,#49,#50. Please check the design and give feedback. Thank you
  • What about the first version with only one orange and the other orange replaced with dark gray?
    • Hi Christoph, thank you for your feedback, can you see plzmy design #47

  • Hello! I have submitted Entries #35, #36, and #38 - updates of my #6 with Helvetica Neue Ultralight. If there are any changes/adjustments you might like to see just let me know.
  • we like the idea, but not the globe. Lines should be thinner
    • Hello Christoph, thank you for your comment, i've uploaded some minor changes: thinner line around the globe, and a version with Helvetica Neue UltraLight. Hope you'll like them: #32 #33 and #34

  • We have posted another example with font "Helvetica Neue UltraLight".
  • Maybe the circle around the globe could be thinner
  • We like this proposal. Maybe, for the second version, globe and arrows could be orange.
  • This has potential. What about a version with dark grey instead of yellow for the "Unlock the Where" and maybe the globe and no color gradient for the Cr sswind? or maybe the other way around: Dark grey for Cr sswind and globe and "Unlock the Where" in orange?
    • Great! #65, #66, #67, #68, and #69 have various combinations of orange and grey in different places. Let me know what you think/what other changes you might like made.

  • Hello! I am more than happy to make adjustments to #38 or any of my other designs if you have any changes you might like to see. Just let me know!
  • Same here... maybe "UNLOCK THE WHERE" with a thicker typeset? besides: very nice
    • Thanks... I changed typeset into the thicker one #76.

  • Great! Could you try "unlock the where" with a regular or bold typset instead of Ultra thin?
    • Hello again. I changed into regular typset instead of Ultra thin #75.