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Winning design #222 by jacondsign, Logo Design for Crystal-Cans, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jacondsign

Project description

This is logo for a start up "janitorial" type service for trash bin cleaning of residential trash bins.  

As this is a simple, waste management oriented service, I would like a clean, professional, simple logo that delivers a "crystal clean" image for potential customers. We are seeking a logo with trash bins included and crystal theme.

We have updated the brief with the exact Hex color codes we will use.  Thank you to all who are submitting your designs.

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  • Dear Sir,
    Please check my design #291
  • About #258, @farazcvc17
    hi if you want any changes please let me know...
  • design content trash can, crystals, water drop for cleanness #283
  • bismillah....

    this logo has a meaning:
    round means a unanimous determination.
    blue outer round there is a crystal color according to its name,
    hopefully acceptable #282
  • trash can incorporated with a water drop to show cleanness #281
  • Please wait my design tomorrow
  • Here are some color options, along with a mock up. I tweaked the tag on the bottom logo. Thank you! #271
  • thank you very much for the rating :) kindly check my new entry thank you:) #265
  • All - consider that we are looking for professional, clean and simple logo for trash bin cleaning, that incorporates the trash bin and crystal themes. A couple designs are very close and we are voting.
    • @deirdrewarner please find the attach files i hope you like my designs... regards faraz

  • Here are some new proposals for you. #261 #262 #263

    Thank you!
  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will get to work on your logo promptly.
  • Kindly check the design I draw the bin look like crystal.

    Thank you #238
  • Kindly check the design I draw the bin look like crystal.

    Thank you #237
  • hello i hope you like :) #236
  • please check my design, and i hope you give me feedback.

    thanks #229
  • Pelase check .. thank you :) #220
  • Hi, if you need any change please write me.
    Project available in: fully editable
    and scalable layered vector . AI; JPG; eps PNG with transparent background.
    I appreciate every opinion.
    Waiting fo r your feedback. Thanks.

  • thank you for the brief and updated one as well. I'm excited to collaborate with you on this project. Just a simple question, is the logo and design something that will be displayed on a truck/vehicle or are we free to design it using our own discretion? Thank you
    • @BTM20XX_Art - the logo will be used on wrap for a trailer, but will also be used on shirts, marketing, etc. So your creativity is welcomed.

  • Please check this version . thanks #210
  • Please check this version . thanks #209