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Winning design #26 by hitssien, Logo Design for Crystal Mortgage Acquisition Company Contest
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designed by hitssien

Project description

Vision: Deliver clear and sensible solutions for a successful business platform. Mission: Provide data analytics, technology and process solutions to create tangible operational efficiencies, enhanced client experiences, and optimized profitability. Services at a Glance: Whether you are looking to expand your business to include a Correspondent channel or to reinforce your existing Correspondent line of business, we have the right combination of services and proven expertise to help you achieve your goals with a leaner internal management structure and variable overhead. Our team of proven correspondent industry veterans will provide an objective assessment of your Correspondent business plan. We will evaluate your unique risks and risk mitigation strategies in areas such as reputational, market, counterparty, loan quality, compliance and repurchase risk to help you effectively plan your expansion opportunity. Through the implementation of competitive pricing tools, we will help you establish the pricing competitiveness needed to maintain a visible and consistent presence in the market. We will develop pricing tools and strategies to keep you connected to your customer base as a consistent liquidity option, optimizing both profitability and customer experience through pricing granularity and market intelligence. With consistency at the core of our philosophy, you will manage your volume and margins with confidence in fluctuating markets. We will guide you through systems and process solutions to minimize long-term costs by showing you how to streamline your operations through automation and communication. Our team can introduce third party solutions that will provide the variable cost structure necessary to compete in any market environment. The more efficiently you operate, the more of a competitive edge you bring to the market. To help manage your business, we will build proven suites of analytic reports that empower your team to make decisions. Product Suite Margin Management: A nimble solution to configure and execute pricing strategies. Target specific clients or your entire book of business and maintain a competitive advantage. Set the granularity to meet your needs and evolving market trends, from tier to region to account to product to note rate, ensuring pricing precision and profit optimization. Price Delivery: A pricing delivery mechanism designed with consistency in mind. Produce rate sheets timely and accurately. Execute Best Efforts and Mandatory pricing strategies with ease. Unlock the powerful combination of the delivery mechanism and the margin management solution to optimize profitability and provide a superior client experience. Market Share Analytics: Maintain a pulse on your market presence with an elasticity tool designed to create correlations between market opportunity, pricing strategies and operational service levels to drive the optimal short/long term pricing decisions. Assessment & Market Strategy: Determine if Correspondent Lending is a strategic fit for your organization by engaging in a comprehensive assessment of your existing lending platform. This includes reviewing the capital structure of the organization, systems integration, capital markets infrastructure, technology, process flows, cross-functional staffing efficiency, policies and procedures and vendor solutions. A two-day on-site visit results in a detailed report delivered within 14 business days. The report includes a Strength/ Weakness/Opporunities/Threats (SWOT) analysis, a financial analysis including capital/liquidity/pricing requirements, a performance analysis of the areas reviewed and recommended actions to eliminate identified leakage. Counter-party Management Framework: A suite of tools including the correspondent application, due diligence document checklists/interview questions, approval letters and process flows to establish the right client experience. This includes consultation from experienced counter-party risk managers on the approval process and approval decision, the on-going performance monitoring as well as the setup of a seller guide and purchase agreement. Additionally, we offer a platform to setup and maintain your counterparty information including financials, scorecards, data and metrics. This system will allow you to manage your applications, monthly/quarterly/annual re-certifications and other key monitoring elements. Easily configure your monitoring process through reminders, alerts and tasks to effectively mitigate risk. Operational Efficiency: Leverage the management experience of our team to identify opportunities to streamline your business and create efficiencies, ensuring the highest level of client and employee satisfaction while developing tools to mitigate credit losses. After an initial assessment, our team will design a strategic plan to maximize cross-functional communication, drive down turn-times and minimize costs Through a disciplined project plan approach, we will work with your team to implement the operational strategy with an on-site, in-depth training and provide continued support as needed. Loan Delivery System: Let us help you setup a custodian and manage the complexities of warehousing third party business. With expert knowledge on how to navigate through each of these areas, we can set up the platform, train your staff from A to Z and offer follow up as necessary. Financial Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting: We have expert advisors with hands on experience in creating financial forecasts and budgets to assist in these continuing volatile markets. We will guide you through capacity planning in all facets, from human talent to space planning. Know exactly what you are spending money on and what items can be eliminated to drive the right long term cost/benefit throughout your organization. Reporting/Data Integrity and Governance: The only prerequisite is a data repository: we will setup the rest. We will create historical reporting so you can track and measure the performance of your business. We will provide guidance on cultivating data integrity and setting up data stewardship to implement best practices in data governance. An analysis of data over the last six months with a highlight of trends and/or gaps will be included, along with recommended actions for remediation. MatchMe: Find a perfect match in a third party service provider. Whether you are in the market for a servicing company, loan origination platform, imaging system, or mortgage insurance provider, we can match you with the one that best suits your needs. After an analysis of your daily process flow, staff roles, and your company’s needs, we will match you with the best third party provider and include why we chose the specific one.

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  • I would like to see emerald green be prevalent in the design. Some clear-looking or transparent lettering over a design may be interesting. Clear/transparent font or designs would convey the "Clear Solutions" tagline (maybe that tagline could be in the logo). Would it be possible for the logo to also say "Crystal MAC" instead of "Crystal Mortgage Acquisition"? I very much like the themes that are inherent to the atomic structure of the crystal: organized and symmetric.
  • #22, #23, #24: I wanted to propose you smth different and not ordinary. Here is the Art Deco style logo. ( Hope you like it. Thank you.
    • Thank you eximius. I like the creativity of these, but feel that we need something a little more formal.

    • Well, you're the boss! But the main goal of designing logos and new brand identity in general is to create something unique and not ordinary, so your business popups somehow from your competitors, to show how memorable, serious, innovative and independent your company is. My icon represents the fast movement (crystals are heading up), reaching top goals and financial stability (the natural crystal's property – durable, transparent, strong). The art deco style emphasizes a wealth, prosperity, grotesk and old-fashioned attitude to the financial business (think Wallstreet, NY business district, etc). Hope you reconsider. Anyway, thanks.

  • Would like to see this without the line coming out of the right of the crystal. Also, I like the green but would be interested in seeing how it would look with pale to rich shades of blue.
  • Mortgage is spelled incorrect. Would like to see this spelled correctly and using green.
  • I really like the font on this one. Would like to see it with a different shape and in green.
  • The colors are good but the design is a little too busy. It is difficult to read the text.
  • Hello CH, There are my entries #18 and #19. What do you think? Please feedback me. Best regards
  • Thank you all for your entries!