Crystallize (Laser images in crystal)

Absolutely amazing. Many brilliant brains, brilliant artists simply HAVE to come up with the perfect ourcome and they did. I just feel guilty that so many have put into it without a result. Thanks to you all.


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Winning design #82 by Bailey, Logo Design for Crystallize (Laser images in crystal) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Bailey

Project description

Mostly 3D (some 2D) images engraved in crystal/glass blocks (possibly also surface engraving of trophies, corporate promos, etc)- but mostly family images. A logo which can be used in stationery, website, presentation boxes (embossed in gold/silver) and also in large scale on display counters in shopping malls. The business is called CRYSTALLIZE but we'd like a logo sub-heading of 'Everlasting images'

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  • Thank.s again for your contribution. I can certainly only make out Crystallize now... and the sub-text. The emblem above doesn't say a great deal to me however although I do like the 'machined' look.
  • This is very eye-catching but TOO much colour! I was hoping for some colour, yes, but a little more subtle.
  • Thank you- bold, easy to read but I see crystals- the type of crystals that form from minerals in super-saturated solution- our crystals are much more regularly geometric.
  • Definitely prefer this with a subtle bit of colour, thank you
  • Apart from spelling errors in both parts of this- an appealing bit of artwork but it doesn't say much to me in relation to what we do.
  • Creative artwork but I can't see this working in one colour as when embossed on a presentation box
  • A nice bit of artwork thank you. I guess my reservation re. this is that most of what we do is geometric which this isn't.
  • Thank you for this. Most of our crystals have only a few facets/sides. This is a little too 'crumpled alfoil' for me.
  • Think I prefer your #3, thank you!
  • Thank you very much. This says jewellery and much of it vanishes in small size.
  • Thank you, nice artwork but too much like jewellery which is not us.
  • Thank you for this great bit of artwork- it's very Swarovski but that's not really what we are.
  • Thank you- prefer #36
  • Thank you for this. Again to me it says jewellery which is not what we are.
  • Thank you for this. To me it says jewellery which is not what we are.
  • Thanks again- Same here- just too much especially when it's small...
  • Thank you for this- just a little too much happening here for me especially when it gets to a small size
  • Thank you again for the feedback. I have submitted 39 for your review. hope you had a good flight!
  • Fantastic job, thank you all so so much. I'm just off to the airport to catch a plane 1/2 way across the world so it might be 24 hours since before I can offer any more feedback- I'm definitely not ignoring you! get back to you as soon as I can.
  • #30 colored version of #3 I made the text bolder and simplified the "A" Hope it works... Jctoledo