Culpeper Cattle Company, LLC

I am beyond pleased with my final logo. We had so many options to choose from and the creativity of the designers was fabulous. They created designs that I never dreamed of. It was a tough decision in the end as we had so many great options. I would highly recommend this process!

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Winning design #171 by vikifil, Logo Design for Culpeper Cattle Company, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vikifil

Project description

We are a small cattle business providing farm to table beef. We specialize in Wagyu and Wagyu cross-bred beef. Wagyu is a high quality beef known for its superior marbeling and rich-buttery flavor. It is definitely a step above your normal steak. We prefer rustic, vintage logos and fonts. Nothing cartoony.  Our colors are black, white & barn red. We would like our logo to incorporate a cow profile. 

***Many of the logos are focusing on the 'Culpeper' part of our name. If you don't know our company, however, you may not know what we do by looking at this. We would like to put more emphasis on 'Culpeper Cattle' so that our business focus is more apparent at first glance. 

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  • I hope you like it #163
  • I hope you like it
    simple and clear logo #162
  • I hope you like it #161
  • The two initial letters "CC" are the logo #136
  • I hope you like it #135
  • Mount is CCC #128
  • thank you for the feedback and I will try to change it sir
  • Sorry - I see the paper one now! #91
  • Really love this design. My fault for not specifying, but we were actually established in 2017. Could I see what it would look like on paper? Also is it possible to add a tag line on bottom of circle: Wagyu and Wagyu-cross Beef
    Hoping it won't change the integrity of the design. #92
  • About #107, @naccaratogang, In this logo, I incorporated the company initial "CCC'' with cow horn. I also submit other color variation of it. Thank you.
  • Dear Sir ,
    I hope u like my creative Design . its 100% Creative and Vector File
    My File Type: Ai,Eps, Psd, Png, Jpeg, Pdf, Zip file
    So anything change contact me
    I am Waiting For Your Feedback
    Thank You #102
  • Kudos for your research! Incorporating the red circle for a Japanese breed of cattle! #80
  • Really love this one! Is there any possible way to make the word 'Cattle' a little more prominent than the Company, LLC? #65
  • With the addition of a brushed font, this version of the logo is meant to evoke the use of ink in Japanese calligraphy, while adding a touch of playfulness and trendiness to the overall look. The stylised logo mark is unchanged from my previous entry. #80
  • In an attempt to move away from the Americana / denim look and instead focus on the Japanese origins and the exclusivity of the Wagyu breed, I've created this minimalist logo with a highly stylised bull for logomark paired with a geometric font for wordmark. A Japanese sense of aesthetics is evoked by the asymmetry and minimal but bold application of the colour red in faint resemblance of the Japanese flag. #79
  • Dear Contest Holder, Hope you like my proposal. Please let me know if you want any change. Thank you :) #77
  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. Check new design. Thanks. #45
  • cow's has been changed. thank you. #40
  • I Welcome all afeedback from you sir. thank you
    Regards #34
  • Is it possible to do different cow? #10
    • @naccaratogang sure! Its quite possible. Thank You