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Mohamed created a great logo to represent our charity. He made alterations quickly.


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Winning design #95 by Mohammad_Abbas, Logo Design for Cure ATRT Now Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Mohammad_Abbas

Project description

We need a new logo for our non-profit. We raise donations to support pediatric brain cancer research. We would like a logo that is modern and playful, yet gives confidence to donors. We'd like to try to work a cupcake into the logo, but we don't want it to be the primary visual element.

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  • Time has exspired to post entires for quite some time,you will need to provode me with a contact email,ill be checking back for a response About #101, @info87
  • Logolab, thank you for the design. Could you create two new versions for us to look at? One with Cure (yellow) ATRT (purple) Now (yellow). And a second with the opposite colors (purple, yellow, purple). Thank you! #101
    • @info87 Sorry for the late reply,just came across the notification,good to hear back,do you have an email you can provide to send variations one there done ? Looking forward to hearing back

    • @Logolab77 previews for request color combinations are complete.if there is any other request feel free to inquire at your leisure,meanwhile i will continue to brainstorm for anything else that comes to mind that could be a possible enhancements

    • Hi Logolab77,

      We didn't see any of the modifications you referred to. Did you post them? About #101, @Logolab77

    • About #101, @Logolab77

      Also, could you put the logos on a white background?

  • Same as #98,just vertically scaled down the text slightly,looking forward to hearing back #101
  • Here is another format of logo...the inspiration behind the abstract minimal graphic was to playful capture the spirit of being cured or freed from this illness by using professional clean swirls that can also be a seen as those to represent the cupcake element...would love to be your designer for this,if you have time again here is a link to my primary profile along with some generous testimonials,looking forward to hearing back #98
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  • Here is another slightly different follow up variation to consider #79
  • Here is display layout of design based off of your design brief,you can view some of my work and testimonials from the link provided,looking forward to hearing back #78
  • excuse me sir, I've create design for Cure Atrt Now. I design cupcakes as a playful concept. Thank's for your attention sir.

    Best regards from Severus #42
  • Playing off of the charity/cause ribbon concept -- a cupcake made of ribbons. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes. Best, Quelita #33
  • Hello! I hope you like my design, i am awaiting for your feedback! #30
  • Hello! I hope you like my design, i am awaiting for your feedback! #29
  • Hope you like it! I am awaiting for your feedback! #28
  • A modern and clean logo incorporating both the brain and the cupcake, as requested. I took the tagline from your website, if you would like it to say something else please let me know! Best, Quelita #26
  • thank you for your feedback, this is my design revision #14
  • Nice design. Too many different fonts. While we support brain cancer research, we don't want a brain in the logo. #9
  • Good design. "ATRT Now" is hard to see because of its small size. #8
  • Okay design. Too many different fonts. #4
  • The overall design isn't bad, but there are too many different fonts. Also, while we support brain cancer research, we don't want a brain in the logo. #9
  • Nice design. The "ATRT Now" is hard to see due to its small size. #8
  • On "Cure" text, it is children holding hands and it shape as a cupcake. #4