My experience with was outstanding. With the hundreds of entries I received and the ability to communicate with the designer to make slight changes I was able to find a logo that me and my partner love and find perfect for our business. Thank You

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Winning design #401 by Believe, Logo Design for Curiopia Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Believe

Project description

Curiopia is a retail store that provides decor and other room furnishings to designers and DIY decorators.  We would like our logo to have a spiritual, uplifting, out of this world feel, Alice in Wonderland, not Star Trek.  Word manipulation is a plus.  A negative would be generic MSWORD fonts. Since we would like to place logo on letterheads, business cards and so forth, prefer not to have a colored box around our logo.  The logo should also be appealing if printed out in black and white.  

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  • If I pick this entry, when you send me the package just have the "&" a little closer to furnishings with nothing directly under the P drop #401
    • @tdh052883 Not a problem. You just let me know when you're satisfied with it.

  • I like this one but check the spacing on furnishings and decor. Its not balanced to much space #401
    • About #401, @tdh052883 I'll make the changes.

    • @tdh052883 Made the changes but system is not letting me upload it. (I think I'm only allowed to upload 3 logos per contest at this time)

    • @Believe Since you have submitted four but 3 where active maybe its 3 in play? i eliminated one of those now there is two active see if it will work now

    • @tdh052883 Thanks, I was hoping u did that, for some reason is still not uploading.. Is there a way I can email it to you?

    • @Believe Ask the people running the web site what we can do I don't think they would allow that but i really do like your design

    • @tdh052883 Thanks again. I will take your advice and will send an email to the web ppl and hopefully I'll hear from them tomorrow (crossing my fingers) I'll keep u posted!

    • @Believe I realize you can not reply at this time I am wanting to ask a couple more people about which design to pick before I make a final decision I am leaning towards yours. Once hired we will have 7 days to communicate and make any adjustments

    • @tdh052883 Good Morning, Yes! I can make all type of adjustments during the 7 days, no problem at all. Let me know if you have any other questions please.

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