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What we want to covey is that we are company rich in history, but have up to date technical prowess. We want our image to appear strong, but also want to convey our creative/sensitive side. We are not just metal fabrication shop (the strong), but we also have an established creative element and are sensitive to the unique needs of our clients. Again, our niche is quality and service so we deliver what our clients need under varying circumstances. We think we want to focus more on font rather than a stand alone logo, but we are open to ideas. The new logo will have to be appropriate for trucks/vans/crane booms as well as letter head, business cards and possibly embroidered shirts. Less is more!

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  • no backgrounds allowed
  • no backgrounds aloowed
  • one design only in the entry, that means no variations in color,size or font, one design only
  • Dear CH, Here's my proposed logo's #178,#179 & 180. I just hope you'll be interested with this options that more looks Bold & Strong that most probably anyone will notice even with a glimpse of an eye, more say "eye catchy" and ideal to post and easy to print in any type of canvass or printable things that you've mentioned. Of course it's still your choice of like and you'll always have my respect. Thanks a lot!
  • I uploaded a png with transparent background by mistake, which made the background black. Please ignore this entry.
  • This one is quite relevant with my logo definition in #192 i just showed obviously first here the JackStone from where it was started (since 1934) and by writing the business name in old style fonts from colored-J(artistry), black-TEXT(history of workmanship)and the continues success (signs) of inherit ingenuity of craftsmanship.
  • Dear CH, A simple but artistic style here. same as #192 & #190 this definitely applicable to any necessary printable items you've mentioned. If in case you choose any of my design it's may pleasure to enhance or re-edit my design upon your request. Hope you like some here and of course thank you for considering all the contributors design here. Good Luck!
  • This logo signifies the history of JackStone business quality of workmanship from the past generation which represented by the style of fonts of JACKSTONE with a red orange dot which means from where it was started and continuously improving diligently at the present to the next generation which represent by the color and bold style fonts of the word SIGN and indeed it was proved (black dot) and really competitive in the business industries.
  • Interesting subtlety with the logo. I'd like to see more iterations and a different font.
  • I can allways change color of the text and shape...
  • Moro, I like what you are putting down. Keep 'em coming!
  • Dear JSSings i upload new ones ( #143 ), i really want to know your feedback to improve or makes some news. regards
  • As i mentioned before, its against the rules to use a colored background unless CH requests.
  • its against the rules to show multiple designs in same entry. Only 1 is allowed. Thank you
  • Dear Contest Holder, I designed a logo that still conserves certain elements of your old logo, but has a modern, subtle change. I think it is important when re-designing a logo to be very careful, since the clients already have a perception of your brand. I think this design is an excellent choice for a change. Clean, modern, creative. #165
  • Nice sign design...want a job? Not really what we want for our letterhead.
  • We are pretty sour on using "JS" for a logo.
  • Pretty cool! Think Microsoft though.
  • I like the refinement of the font. The "JS" is not something we are feeling. Please try a more block logotype, but we need a custom font created.
  • edo
    nice and simple design