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Winning design #77 by Sanjaya Kunwar, Logo Design for Custom Stream Contest
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designed by Sanjaya Kunwar

Project description

Custom Stream will operate as its core business a web site that brings together a group of businesses that supply products and services supporting an enhancement of lifestyle and a peak living experience for our membership base. These businesses will be included in a directory on the web site. Essentially, our value proposition to the businesses which we invite to appear and be included in the web site directory is that we can bring a significant traffic on to the site thereby exposing their businesses to a large customer pool. Question: How would you describe your services and/or products? Answer: Promotional service to support businesses acquiring new customers. Question: What are the long term goals of your company? Answer: Global expansion to create a significant “.com” presence. Question: What do you want your logo to accomplish? Answer: The main audience for the logo is the business community therefore the logo should evoke feelings related to the following and create a sense about our company (that is also could be illustrated by some of the following adjectives): confidence, sophistication, trust, stability and establishment, solid organisation, innovative approach, empathy, success, stylish, cutting edge. Question: Who are your main competitors? Answer: Our competitors are discounting clubs and voucher providers; rewards program operators, business directories, marketing companies and social clubs. Question: How are you different from your competitors? Answer: We are creating a single web platform to promote a broad range of businesses with a life-style theme. We have a particular focus on marketing within local areas and recruiting primarily local businesses. We are strongly committed to supporting the growth and success of the businesses on our platform and look to long term engagement with them. Question: What’s the age range of your target customer base? Answer: 25-55 years old Question: Do you have a tag line? If so, would you like it stated along side your logo? Answer: No Question:Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your logo? Answer: No Question: Do you have any colour preferences, or existing brand colours? Answer: No Question: Do you have any colours that you do not wish to use? Answer: No Please also provide the design of business card and letterhead. In the attached file I put the examples we like.

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