cutting edge biological solutions company needs fresh new image

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Winning design #196 by AndrejApostolov, Logo Design for cutting edge biological solutions company needs fresh new image Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AndrejApostolov

Project description

We need a new image, beginning with a logo that is modern and simple and works with all media. Possibly encompassing the tagline " Environmental & Economical Sustainability". Our customers are all over the world and speak many languages, so our logo needs to be universal. It should convey a cutting edge global agricultural based business that cares for the environment and everything that lives in it. We are very keen to see a very wide and varied choice as we are open to totally new concepts as this also fits with our business operational philosophy.

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  • Inputs used in this technique represented symbolic ecology and the unit to a person, any questions and comments I am at your service.
  • Circular icon = earth, Shape of 'F' = franko, Light blue at the bottom = ocean... and a leaf. #152 is another variation. please check. thanks
  • Dear CH, My revised version #127.Please have a look at it. Thank you.
  • Put .com on end of solutions vertically please, brighter blue please
  • Not balanced enough,
  • Same as the other try again
  • Sorry still not working for us.
  • To dark, symbol too vague, Try to brighten up, and revise symbol.
  • Don't like symbol.
  • Looks good but not overly keen on symbol, try something else
  • Dear CH, My second entry.Hope you like it. -Regards
  • About #110 and #111 - alternate versions of the concept used in #100 have been submitted.
  • About #112 - CH, I have revised and added the S into the icon as requested.
  • I do like these colors a lot
  • I do like your concept, try combining the F & S together
  • ABout #99 - CH, I've revised and re-submitted as #106.
  • Interesting but to dull, needs to be bolder brighter and not overly keen on the symbol
  • Still want more intense color, maybe try different colours, must work on both dark and light backgrounds
  • Nice try at being original, but the font is not working for me, maybe try again with different fonts and the same concept
  • I would like to see an even brighter Blue