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Winning design #136 by artgra, Logo Design for Cycle coaching business needs fun design Contest
Gold Medal


  • to ch about #48. I made the handle bars the f and the cycle arrows are the c's.
  • Thanks for all the enteries. I've revised the brief - I want the logo to feature the letters FCC and the words Full Cycle Coaching.
  • Thanks for the revision, looks great. Would it be possible to see this in a style similar to #9 but with the logo on the left and text on the right?
  • The shadow makes this hard to look at for me
  • CH, #38 is a different color that i used for the logo
  • CH,#35, i made " cycle " with typographical style that looks like a bicycle. the colors are orange and blue that represent " FUN ".
  • I changed the orientation of the bike, it is now facing forward and the handle bar resembles an F and is a different color than the C wheels. Hope this is what you were looking for.
  • CH, are you looking more for an image for your site or something that is used on apparel?
  • to ch about #23. I wanted to add just a little more flare to it so i made the handle bars red too.
  • Thanks for making the revisions. I prefer this red version. Could you make the text black? Thanks
  • Same as #20?
  • I really like this design, the rider placement is great
  • Thanks, I agree with the use of orange. It or red are my prefered colurs. I love the idea of the handlebars for the Y, but not sure about using such a blocky? font. I get the circles and originally I had something similar in mind myself, but people confuse circle and cycle too easily. I had to get the business name registration re-done as the teller registered circle instead.
  • Thanks, this is looking better
  • TO CH about #18. this is my first submission. the circles have ridges like actual tires and the arrows represent when something comes full circle or in this case full cycle. I chose orange because it is an energetic color.
  • Ch, i made some changes to my initial submission. I can always add to this if you like the general feel. My intentions are to give off a feel of biking and is why i have implemented a road.
  • I'm not sure about this one, I think it is the handle bars? putting me off. Maybe loose them, and put in a seatpost to give more of an F shape? Possibly also have it a different colour to the C's
  • I really like this design. If you wouldn't mind making some changes have a few ideas. - Remove the grey part of the wheel and make the red section grey. - Remove the black C from both wheels - Maybe also swap the image and text over, and have the red bars off the back wheel Thanks
  • My first impression was that this was great, but like your other design much more
  • Appears to big