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Winning design #207 by barkside, Logo Design for Daglian Law Group, APLC
Gold Medal

designed by barkside

Project description

Want to create a new logo for our firm. Daglian Law Group, APLC Modern vision with a serious tone. Also, if possible, incorporating our current fonts (but not required). For instance the word "Daglian Law Group" is Colonna MT whereas the words "A Professional Law Corporation" is in Copperplate Gothic Light. The logo must incorporate the firm name "Daglian Law Group" in its entirety. The logo could be standalone so as long as the name "Daglian Law Group" is found near it. The words "A Professional Law Corporation" are not necessary. You could use "APLC" instead so as long as a comma separates it (i.e. Daglian Law Group, APLC). Please keep in mind that this logo will be used on business cards, letterheads, and also on the office wall in the reception area, and perhaps embedded on a glass window.

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  • I have provided entry #3. I used the same fonts requested and I included that in the icon. Please let me know if you would like to see changes. I provided both color and black and white.
    • Can you add the G in the logo as well?

    • Received an email, but I don't see it posted here (Design #2 - LauraLove). Please let me know if there is anything I can do or if you need anything from me. Thanks.

    • Yes i will add the g in there too. I had someone do the exact same design as I did... :/ after i already posted mine.

    • I updated. #55 If you would like to see it in other colors or see other changes let me know.

  • Hi, I submitted #13 - thanks for the rating. If you have any feedback that'd be great. Any adjustments can be made, just let me know :)
    • Can you add the G in the logo as well? Also, I noticed that my last name is misspelled. Daglian not Daglion. Thanks!

    • Yea I'll get started on the amendments. Really sorry about the misspelling - quite embarrassing! Thanks for the feedback :)

    • I've just resubmitted my design. I quite like the shape that was created in the middle of the logo by the 'D' & the 'G' As before, any adjustments can be made and your feedback is greatly appreciated :) (I also spelt your name correctly this time, again I'm sorry about that mistake)

    • The design I was referring to above is design #51 Thanks :)

  • Something to say about #14? I could try something different. Thank you :)
    • Sounds good. Look at some of the ratings I've given the remaining contestants. I'm going for that type of sleek style.

    • I submitted #40 I think it's important to have some kind of symbol not only the letters 'DLG'. My inspiration was laurel leaves - distinction. Hope you like it.

  • Hello Mr. Gary, Presenting Design #38 is for your consideration. Hope you will like it. Please provide feedback, if it is rather closer to you to improve it much more. Kind regards...
  • Hi CH. I've submitted #11 and #12. One with the same font requested and the other one used a different font I recommend. Any feedback, comments and question about my design would be appreciated! Thanks.
    • Thanks for the submission. It was too classical for me. I'm looking for something modern, sleek.

    • Thanks for your comment! I will try another one, something modern and sleek!

  • So far this is the best one I'v received from the contestants. Can you see if you can work with the font name I gave you for the logo and the lettering, which is Colonna MT?
  • Dont see much of a logo in this. Just text.
  • Hello there, CH. About #14 design you can preview here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4GrNzWC57RhbTktSHFqTmQ5OWs/edit?usp=sharing
  • Hi CH, I've submitted another design #95 & #96 ..Hope you like it...Thanks
  • Hi CH, I've submitted another design #94. Hope it will close enough to what you're looking for!
  • Can you change the font of the text to Colonna MT? And also make the first letter of each word all cap but the rest small cap?
    • Hi Gary please see my update design thanks

  • Again the L is emphasized here because its the darkest letter. Make the D darker
  • Hi CH, Please check #73,#74,#75,#76,#77,#78,#79....Hope you like it...Thanks
  • Can you make the D L G in the words All Cap but the rest of the letters in Small Cap (not small letters but small cap)?
  • Can you make one with the "D" being the more apparent letter versus the "G" in the logo?
  • Can you make the D L G all cap and the rest of the letters Small Cap? Not regular small font, but I believe there is an option to make it small cap.
  • can you make the D bolder as opposed to the L?
  • hello garry, here is my concept #35 feedback is very much appreciated!
  • Hello ch (Gary11) I have posted #60 with metallic text and royal blue gradient hope you like it, if you would like anything changing, let me know via feedback, thank you and all the best
  • Hi sir, may i get an exhaustive feedback please, thank you so much. #122 #123 #124