Design Contest is an amazing website. We needed ideas for a logo and we had tons of original and creative ideas come from the designers that really brought our vision to reality. It was definitely tough to pick through the ones we liked the best and just when we thought we had "the one" another designer would come out with another great idea. We are very pleased with the outcome and even the customer service was amazing. I actually sent an email at 3:30 am, and received a response back in about 2 minutes- when I really just expected to hear a response in the morning. Everytime I need a logo in the future, I will not hesitate to use this website. Thank you from the Frugaling.co team!!

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Winning design #204 by zerin74, Logo Design for DAILY DEAL & GROUP BUYING website needs BUZZ-WORTHY LOGO Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zerin74

Project description

We would like to have the name branded as part of the logo and need the logo to be fun, appealing, innovative and edgy. The idea of saving money together or finding the best deals on our site... This logo will be used on our website, tshirts, business cards, banners, bus ads, billboards, TV... We want to see different types of logos that capture what we do.

We could not change our name above - the company name is actually - Frugaling.co NOT frugalingaround.com - we apologize for that error

A few thoughts:
We are also open to an enhancement of our name frugaling.co meaning, our name being more of the logo and just adding something to make it solid. our name is frugaling.co and so we had an idea to have the logo say frugaling.com and just have something crossing the m out... just a thought, again we are open to your creativity.
We are not married to any of our ideas, and would be happier to have the designers create what they think would work best for us- and "wow" us with your vision.
We want as many different ideas as possible. may the best designer win.

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  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder infraction for http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/daily-deal-group-buying-website-needs-buzz-worthy-logo/entry/4/report
  • just not crazy about the colors on this one but same feedback as other entry
  • this one is much better and we like it but still needs a step up to make it really stand out
  • better colors than previous submission
  • colors are not right, we like your idea of the brackets but just dont think it works well enough to get the message across of the .co would like to see you take a different direction - i seen some of your other work which is great so would like to see other ideas you may have
  • we really like the digital quality and it has a great look the font fits well with the simple logo, even though I think we envisioned more of a stand out typed of feel your on the right track and we would like to see some other ideas to make sure we end up with the perfect logo
  • not crazy about the font needs a littl emore color added
  • like the color scheme on this one as well - its still not all the way there for what we are looking for , but they keep getting better
  • didnt like the all red , but like the font being a thicker and bubbly lettering
  • of the 3 you submitted so far - we like this one the best - we like the idea and creativeness of the owl but are not crazy about the digital quality of the owl or graphics - looking more for digital images similar to #12's we like the font on this and #11 also - where they are thicker or bubbly letters colors were good also
  • we like the idea you had- it came out nice, it needs some more "wow" factor - like the font but not in love with it but your headed in the right direction and we would love to see more
  • this is my first option (in multicolor)..
  • this is my first option (in multicolor)..
  • we are not crazy about the splash and the dollar - we need something that really stands out and pops - still very simple
  • Dear CH, please, rate the entries. This will help you keep them organized and will allow designers to see in which direction they should be moving. Thank you!
  • Thank you for your feedback. I`ve made two reversions. Please let me know what you think and if you need any other changes.
  • hi CH, feedback will be highly appreciated. thanx,
  • again .co part is too confusing, but this version looks better being brighter, but needs to stand out more
  • a little dark again, and the .co part doesnt work with the same color pattern - its tough to differentiate if its a .co or .com
  • it's a little too dark I like what you did with the .co part - however I still think some may get this confused however of the 3 you submitted the .co looks best on this option the font looks a little simple and we would like to see a bit more substance to make it really stand out even amongst your piggy bank character which we did like