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Very fun and creative. I loved seeing all the differentdesigns from all over the world. The website needs some work on using it on a phone and even a PC.

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Winning design #113 by Jobzz, Logo Design for DaMurfs damurfs.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jobzz

Project description

I am a real estate agent in Chicago Il, southloop/bronzevilel/pilsen/printers row areas. Theses areas run the full scale of incomes. We are close to all the major sights in Chicago, the museums, art studios, lake, sports arenas and on and on.

I'm looking for a sexy/urban/modern design logo that can be marketed across all my materials. That includes open house signs, emails, letterheads business cards, website etc. etc.

I like the entries so far, but I would like the art work to be use with the name damurfs and without, when the artwork stands alone, it needs to be a reminder of "damurfs" not explicitly say it.

I would love it if someone could do a play on the name, or the main letters, DM or M. If that can be incorporated into the logo in a clever way then we'll start some logos that are uniquely DaMurfs

I would love something that screams  urban, history, modern, and possibly has a Chicago vibe. I don't deal with many single family homes in the suburbs, I'm instead in the concrete jungle of condos and town homes. 

I'm a bit of a paradox in that a good design, is a good design. I say I want modern, but maybe classic is best, I say I want more complex, but perhaps minimal is sleek and sexy. Please don't be bound by my descriptions.

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  • About #9, @Jobzz very nice start, thankyou for reading the brief, maybe a bit more color, & a version with a play on DAMURFS? 

    • About #113, @bmurph8 Congrats, we are selecting this design as the start of our Logo!!!!!

  • Hello @bmurph8:

    Please take a look at this new idea, a chicago star (for quality), designed in base of three M. Please let me know what you think about it. I'm waiting for your feedback.


    [ JOBZ ] #83
    • @Jobzz Thats very interesting, I like the 3 Ms Idea. Very Creative

    • @bmurph8 Hello, I see that you are rating the logos, please before take a final decisión i suggest to make a little research in google. Lately i've seen logos that are copy of other online. Try to make searches like: Real estate logo, real estate logo inspiration, and real estate M logo (even while it sounds crazy), just to asure that you will get a original and unique idea for your company.


      [ JOBZ ]

  • simple logo and please check my design. thanks. #183
  • My option. The lines represents the skyscrapers of Chicago. Simple logo with DM only. Please feedback. Best Regards! #179
  • like this? #126
  • Dear contest holder, please check the entries #122 and #123. Tried in different font and used colors.......I don't know whether you like or not. pls check.....Regards....
  • Previous concept but Tried with different fonts and also used some colors. #122
  • Dear bmurph8,

    there are so many inspiration Logo about real estate company, but only few clue real estate company that display scream Urban.
    Finally after looked it, I got inspiration, it is about "illustrative shape Logo" combination three shape' Rectangle, Triangle, Rounded Arch. they have same connection; strong, solid, and stability, certainly with texturise that give impression SCREAM URBAN and CLASSIC as your company brief want.

    Hopefully you could give any suggestion for this logo.

    Thank you
    Best Regards #118
  • That is pretty cool, can we try it in other fonts, and maybe one with a splash of color? #104
  • me and my team keep coming back to this one, do you think you could do other variations and possibly some unique artwork above or below it? #2
  • Hi @bmurph8, how about this idea #86?


    [ JOBZ ]
    • @Jobzz Can you make something with the M and not the D? overall its kindof fun

  • About #102, @Nicka can you make me two in this format.
    One without the building in the background & another with the the building gone and the "D" you made in #61?
  • from Initial D logo symbol with city inside , simple, moden, elegan and easy to remember by audience and applied to every media #109
  • Letter "M" is in quite different style like Building or property and it also look like a crown over it. #104
  • New idea, clean and simple. waiting for your feedback.

    [ JOBZ] #100
  • hai.... I just try to collaborate between buildings that form the letter "M" with a Chicago Star #81
  • please checked it,the background colour's #66
  • Awesome, take out that vertical line you added and I think we have something #61
    • Tentang # 61, @ bmurph8  you mean i have to remove the long lines?

    • About #61, @Nicka no just the vertical after the A and the one high on the M, then move the "DA" closer to the M 

  • reverse the logo so it looks like an 'M' #39
  • I'm liking these, can you make the left side of the M look like a D? like #58