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Winning design #66 by BAZOKA, Logo Design for Daniel Woodroof Racing Contest
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designed by BAZOKA

Project description

I am a racing car driver (racing in formula cars, similar to Indycar or F1). I'm looking for a logo that I can use for my website, business cards, and possibly even on the car itself. I am hoping for a design to revolve around my initials 'DW", "DWR" or something to do with "Daniel Woodroof Racing". My personal colours are black and green (like the green found on this website: http://www.stratos-motorsports.com/ ), so I would like these 2 colours to be the main, if not the only colours used. (white may also be good - at your discretion) The logo has to give off impressions of speed, yet be clean and modern - I don't want any images/silhouettes of racing cars, as the type of cars that I race will vary with time.

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  • Can I please have the "D" on the left hand side look less like the letter "U". I'd like to have the top of the letter touching #2
    • @danielwoodroof do you want the letter D made ​​like the letter U ??

  • I really like the left hand part of the logo. Could I please see the "Daniel Woodroof Racing" in a similar font and style as in design #58? If that could be submitted as another design, that would be great - but I would also really like to see this design on a black background. These changes can be made to your entries #65 and #66, thanks! #65
    • @danielwoodroof hello, entries no 65,66 is not my entries

  • Hi Daniel, Please find my entry. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK #68
  • Hi Daniel, Please find my entry. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK #67
  • Can I please have the "R" and the "Racing" in a different colour, so that i can differentiate between my name and the "racing" part of it. One part black, the other green #57
  • Hi CH, I have submitted entry #57 . I'm ready for your feedback and suggestions. Thank you.
  • Daniel Woodroof Racing #47
  • Can I please have the green in the same gradient as in design #45. Also, can you join the ends of the letter D on the left to make it less like the letter U. #2
  • Can I please see this logo on a white background? #45
  • Hallo, CH Daniel woodroof i'm ready for your suggestion and improvement in my designs to make perfect and like what do you want. so feel free,
    and i'm glad you still like my designs on #2 Thanks
  • Daniel Woodroof Racing #43
  • This logo is too similair to the Mclaren Car logo, something in the same industry as me
    • Please i am really sorry about it and i dont know, i just think about DWR and initial

  • Dear CH, please check my #7 hope you like it Thank you very much
  • I don't like this logo as much
  • I really like right hand side where it says "Daniel Woodroof Racing", but would it be possible to make alternative DWR initial logos?
    • Thanks, please check #5 and #6 i hope you like, Thank you very much

  • Is it possible to make a new DWR design? I like the aggressiveness of the one in design #2, so maybe something similair, but also still clean?
  • Although I don't want to use this logo design because it's similar to Mclaren's logo, I really do like it, so maybe if someone could draft up something that is of the same kind of sleek style?
    • i will try to think make alternatif designs from your suggestion, how about designs #13? in the design of 8 i just think your initial D, haha but it similiar someone logos please give suggestions to make perfect design and like what do you want. Thanks

  • the logo on the left here is too childish