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Winning design #53 by graphman, Logo Design for Dapper Sharks Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

I'm in need of a logo for my private label/brand. Our products greatly vary based on current trends. Our packaging utilizes allot of dark colors, please incorporate the color orange as this is our identifying color for electronics. 

Looking for a logo that is fun and dangerous looking. Definitely want to capture the sinister nature of a shark while being presentable. Also, play with the idea of "Dapper", maybe a suit, or a monocle and bowler hat.   

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  • About #39, @CreativeMan Very creative, and good design, not for us though.
  • About #31, @monstersox Fun design.
  • About #27, @harmokod Loos really, good, awesome design, not for us though.
  • About #25, @ianslipknot Looks awesome, not for us though.
  • About #23, @raa Do not like the font or design
  • About #18, @kamfer Not what we are looking for.
  • About #86, @Chrissara79 I do not like it.
  • You mind to consider my design please. thanks. #86
  • Here are some font options, along with additional detail to the shark. #48 #49 #50

    • @graphman Outstanding! The detail is exactly what we were looking for. I would still like to see more font ideas, but as of now, your on top!

    • @meeker Thank you! I will work on that.

  • The shark was buttoning his jacket/tuxedo, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #47
  • Cleaned up the shark, played with the type, and dropped a wave into the mix. #46
  • Id like to see a bit more detail on the shark #41
    • Sure thing. Thank you for the feedback! I will work on those revisions. About #41, @meeker

  • Overall. I love this illustration! Very well done, I think you really understood what it was that I asked for. #41
  • Show me a few more font styles, look at a few other entries and let me know what sort of stuff you come up with. #41
  • i hope you like #44
  • i hope you like #43
  • i hope you like #42
  • another idea, different font and added shark eye #33
  • i hope you like #29
  • i hope you like #28