Dark Side Of The Moo

Great experience. Very easy and a lot of talented designers available. I liked the interaction process with the designers and received a lot of help. The more feedback you give, the better the results. I like how Design Contest verifies whether there are any copyright issues with designers' work. The support offered was also great, very quick, helpful and thorough. I would highly recommend this to anyone. A fun and very successful experience.

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Winning design #229 by Hadeelsa, Logo Design for Dark Side Of The Moo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Hadeelsa

Project description

Hi, I'm starting a food trailer business and am going with the name Dark Side of The Moo and need a logo. It's obviously a play on the name of the Pink Floyd album but has nothing to do with the band so the logo does not need to reflect that at all. I'm looking for a logo with a cartoon cow image. I haven't decided whether the name should be followed by the logo or have a circular image with the cow in the middle. Inspiration can come from the Starbucks logo, The Laughing Cow or even better is The Bulldog Coffee Shop in Amsterdam and you get the idea. The name could be in a cricle around the logo or in a banner above (like laughing cow) Google Cartoon Cow Images and there's plenty. A typical fresian/ black and white cow. I'm open to either a headshot of the cow (see laughing cow or Bulldog) or a full body picture. If full body I want it facing to the right, so tail on the left, head on the right. A view from the side but at a slight angle so all four legs are visible, NOT a profile shot and NOT a silhouette. The cow must be wearing blacked out shades like The Blues Brothers and the head should be facing the camera (if that's the right term). Emotion is important too, I want the cow to have a non-plussed expression. Not emotionless but unimpressed, not smiling, not frowning, kind of flat lined mouth maybe. It can be somewhat abstract like Hello Kitty but prefer something out of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, certainly not so hipsterish that it looks like a Picasso. It should be cool, kid friendly, modern, sharp. Simple enough to work being printed on a napkin but detailed enough for a 2 foot wide sign. Black and white only ideally. If presenting a full body image of a cow then udders are not necessary, so as to keep the colors to just black and white. As for the font, pretty open. I've been playing with the menu and like the look of Copperplate Gothic Bold but don't know if that works on a logo. I don't want script/cursive and hate Comic Sans MS. Crisp but open to a little fun. The font can be either all caps or mixed caps. I want it to open to kids but that is not the target audience at all. More important is conveying quality. It's not chuck e cheese or Ronald Mcdonald. Cool but not nauseating try-too-hard to be cool. UPDATE - Have decided to definitely go with a circular design and limit to two colors at most (plus white)or black and white. UPDATE - January 3rd - Please see comments for more guidance - didn't want the brief getting too long

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  • Design #50 Here is the design you like, is there anything you would like to see done to it regarding coloring or anything else?
  • Awesome. Another spectacular entry. Of this collection I really like the mouth on #49 with the combo presented in #47 top right. If I go with this I would want the shade lenses black not grey but top 3 is now top 5 an dthis is one of them.
  • Really like the gradient/ shading on this
  • Thanks, wicked design, the only thing is the nose/nostrils look a little bit like a pig but otherwise great. Love the color combo.
  • Thanks very much for updating. I see now why you had the turquoise but really love these. Really tough choice but think bottom right in #44 I like the best out of the four. Going to be difficult to pick a winner but this is right up there.
  • Thanks. I like these a lot. TRough to choose between them. The only thing is that DARKSIDE looks like one word and it should be two and OF should be with the rest of the text somehow.
  • Thaks very much for taking the time to update. I like it much more.
  • Beautiful. Much, much better. I like the cuteness of the cow, just enough, not too much, now has a bad ass attitude, a great balance. I would replace the blobs with circles or stars though but no need to do that now. I really like the double inner circle, acts as a frame. If I have a top 3 this is in it. It would look great on a T-shirt, a sign, a web page, a napkin, on a lunch bag. Thanks
  • Thanks. I like the humor and styling in these. I like #33 the best as it's clear that the nostrils are the OO's combined but as a result it lacks the symmetry that I like. Otherwise they look a bit too much like googly eyes in the other entries.
  • Thanks
  • Thanks. I like it mostly, especially the illustration but not the nose ring or the lipstick
  • Thanks very much. I like #25 over #26. I like the emphasis on 'The Moo' as that is what I envision the truck being known as for short. Great humor. I like the inclusion of the hooves but not sure about them being crossed. Awesome attitude.
  • Great. Was wondering if anyone would connect Star Wars. I know I asked for shades but with the Darth Vader helmet I wonder if would be better without and had the eyes covered by the helmet. Seems a bit cluttered. Feels a bit like a South Park character - which is a good thing. I think there should be spacing between the word MOO.
  • Awesome. Like the link. Love the attitude of the cow. Thanks
  • Very nice thanks. Good to see a full cow and not just a headshot. The only thing I would say is the stripe between the eyes is a bit distracting. Thanks
  • Great design. Has a rock star feel to it. Nice punch of color and styling. Definitely a contender. Thanks
  • Some wicked entries today, thanks all. This is going to be difficult, already have a few that are way better than I expected.
  • Very nice. Like it much better. Thanks very much for tweaking. Don't think it can be inproved, just a case of which one I like.
  • do not use clip-art in logo design contest; your work must be 100% yours & original; source: http://us.123rf.com/400wm/400/400/glopphy/glopphy1205/glopphy120500059/13778854-farm-cow-logo-vector.jpg
  • Design #44 Here are the designs, the first row is the same as design #42 but the bottom row is the same but with the background circle white not grey and stars instead of circles. Which do you prefer?