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Winning design #100 by mehsugeh, Logo Design for DataLeo Contest
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designed by mehsugeh

Project description

The logo is for a service called "DataLeo".

"Leo" is a robot, diminutive for Leonard da Vinci, and he will be providing data to users.

One logo idea (described below) is to create a mix between the Vitruvian man and a modern, colorful, simple robot providing data.


If you have another idea to picture Leo the robot in a Leonard da Vinci style, you can also be fully creative !

Characteristics for the 1st idea:

- he is a simple and happy robot
- he should be displayed in a Vitruvian man style
- he should be simple and colorful (colors and example provided in details section), easily printable on papers (invoice, etc.) and also on website
- his chest or head indicate something about data or graphs or can be made of the letter "D"
- "DataLeo" text underneath, font should be modern and professional


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  • this is my first entry. Hope you like this! #86
  • robot usb data leo #82
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    Scroll down for full image including the design brief and a mockup.
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  • Robots carry data.... #61
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    This is my second entry.
    Scroll down to see the full image including the brief and a mock-up.
    Hope you like it. Looking forward to your feedback.

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  • concept: Robots carry data. #46
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    • @kancilkuning Thank you for your proposal. I'm waiting for other proposals and will come back to you for evaluation. Br, JF

    • @jfnordmann Okay I wait your arrival, and I hope you choose my design, thanks warm regards

  • @jfnordmann this (entry #41) is the concept I had in mind. Does it seem to be in sync with your requirements?

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  • I had a question. Do you absolutely need a character/mascot kind of element to your logo? I mean I had other options to incorporate Leonardo and the data theme.
    • @nitish_chopra_09 Hello, Thanks for your message. If you have another option, that's great and I'm looking forward to see it! Many thanks JF

  • Hello CH,

    This is my entry for the contest. Please scroll down to see the full image (including the brief and a mock up).

    Hope you like it, Would love to hear your feedback.

    Nitish #41
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  • About #14, @the_toothfairy Ok Sir, thanks for the improvements. I'll made some changes to make Leo robot more "Leo".
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