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Winning design #289 by PinkCherryGD, Logo Design for Datix Contest
Gold Medal

designed by PinkCherryGD

Project description

Looking for ideas on a new logo to better represent our organization.

Please see our current logo and color scheme at www.datixinc.com. We are 100% open to all changes.

We're looking for a modern, sleek, tech design.

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  • About #267 and #266, @joogle
    Hi Hi mschuval;
    Good Day, Please check this revision #266 and #267.
  • Hi, pls provide me a feedback about my designs. Thanks. #257
  • Hi, did you have something like this in mind? #261
  • Can we have the radius of the arch sharper? Similar to #255 but larger? The Arch does not have to be the entire side of the A.

    We'd the Arch 3D (triangular shape) similar to the actual arch. #254
  • About #252, hi ch, kindly check this one. thanks :)
  • Hi, i've made the arch bigger and changed the "x" a bit, what do you think of this? #163
    • @PinkCherryGD We like the previous much better than this one.

    • @PinkCherryGD What if the arch was a bit more modest than the original, perhaps a more significant part of just the A?

    • @mschuval Hi there, just wanted to know if you had written back to me after the previous designs, as i see notifications but don't see any in the comments. If so, could you please let me know if you would like me to try something else :) have a good sunday

  • About #250, @joogle
    Hi mschuval;
    Good Evening, Please also check this revision which I combine the "i" and "x". Hope you like this one.
  • @mschuval Let me know what do you think About #229 . Thank you.
  • following are some variations with colored versions #224
  • It would be great to see the arch more pronounced. Also, do you have any other ideas for the x? #121
    • @mschuval Sure can do that, let me see what i can come up with, will post updated version asap :)

    • @PinkCherryGD How about a different unique X? Also, maybe you could show the lettering in a different color (green, blue or red?), but leave the arch part of the A in silver?

  • Can you think of a way to incorporate the green in the x differently? #107
  • please youre feedback about my design
    • We are not keen on this design @theshe. Please stop submitting similar designs with only slight changes.

  • This one is great! Do you think you could incorporate a sleek looking arch in the "A" since our headquarters is in St. Louis? #93
    • About #93, @mschuval Hi, thank you so much for your Feedback, i have submitted another one, incorporating the Arch, i did it a bit "modest" but can change it if you would like it to stand out more. thanks Luzi

  • please check this entry. #109
  • We like this one a lot. Can you make the dati a bit easier to read? #79
  • hope you like my work, thanks #90
  • please youre feedback about my design
  • Hi @mschuval Please provide feedback #59 #60 . Thank You.
  • keep on moving sir. :) #58
  • Thanks. #45