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Winning design #225 by ibra_Creative, Logo Design for  DaughterDad Team / http://daughterdad.com/ Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ibra_Creative

Project description

We are looking for an updated logo for our Real Estate Team, located in the West Valley of Arizona. Our dominant color is purple, and the logo should allow for individuals to know upon glance, we are in Real Estate without those actual words present. 

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  • I liked how you had team before, I just thought maybe add the key to the opposite side.
    • @KHalonen please check

    • @eXpartLogo not sure what please check means. go back to the original way you had team and the fonts

  • DaughterDad Team Logo #325
  • please check my design & thank you #318
  • DaughterDad Team Logo #315
  • please check my design - thanks #313
  • DaughterDad Team Logo #310
  • Hello @KHalonen ! Please review this design #253,#254,#255 . Hope you like this design if you need any changes please let me know. Thanks
  • please check my design and i hope you give me feedback #276
  • please,check my design #272
  • please check my design #271
  • please check this concept. hope you like. Thanks #263
  • Please see this design #259
  • This logo for you #258
  • Logo for DaughterDad Team #257
  • Hello sir @KHalonen,
    Please review this design hope you like it also if you need any changes in it please let me know.Thanks #253
  • Wondering how it would look with our current fonts: AR Christy Dad font: gill sans ultra bold condensed #169
  • What if you used our current fonts and made the line a key? #99
    • @KHalonen AR Christy Dad font: gill sans ultra bold condensed

  • Hi @KHalonen , Please Review This Design , I hope You will like it
    and if there are any changes needed Please Let me know
    Thank You #227

  • I hope this design can be your consideration #216
  • I have submitted a design. Please give your feedback for the design because it will help my future work. Thanks!

    I try to create a modern minimalist simple unique design because it can use very easily in all medias such as favicon, app etc. I do not use ordinary icons those are used in many designs, just search - generic, common and overused logo concepts to know more. A minimalist logo is more suitable for companies and a complex logo is suitable for products / brands. Also I do not use mockup to show the design, because it is only a trick that get attraction. It can not use in real design. #215