David A. Greene, Esq.

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Winning design #27 by bal80, Logo Design for David A. Greene, Esq. Contest
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designed by bal80

Project description

I am an attorney and Certified Public Accountant. My practice is primarily in the area of Estate Planning. Estate Planning is a broad term I use to encompass drafting of wills and trusts, and generally planning for disposition of assets upon death as well as planning for disability and incapacity. Importantly, it encompasses making one’s own passing as painless and easy as possible for the loved ones you leave behind from an administrative and legal perspective. Peace of mind is an important positive result of completing estate planning, and I hope any design will promote that feeling. Another important aspect for some clients is minimization of estate or other transfer taxes imposed at death. To a somewhat lesser extent I also practice in the area of business planning and business entity selection and formation. This encompasses advising on the ideal legal mechanism for organizing and conducting business, from a practical, liability minimizing, and tax efficient standpoint. My typical clients are wealthier than average, in their late working years (50s and 60s), and are generally conservative. I plan to use this design on business cards and professional stationary. It may also be incorporated as part of the legal document work-product. I hope to have a version or adaptation that will work as a foil stamp on presentation folders or envelopes (see link below). I would like the design to impart to clients confidence that I can be trusted to provide great advice about providing for their families and loved ones (warmth), while dealing with the management and inter-generational disposition of everything they’ve worked their entire lives to build (sophistication). I hope as well that it will engender a sense of trust and promote peace of mind. From what I know about color theory, greens, blues and browns may work to convey those ideals, but I’m not married to those. Potential elements (none of these are required—just my musings) could be creative use of typography (probably my initials, DG), and possible incorporation of negative space (see some examples in link) without getting too cute. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vuLVCIib9fRFXvzt55R8KKG0rtwaPtDzKo-Nrx_SNIQ/edit?usp=sharing

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  • I like the feel of both your designs. I prefer this to the other. I like that it's cleaner and sleeker. Some critique: Can we turn the "D" upside down so the gap is at the top and not the bottom? Also,I think I'd prefer to see the "A" in "David A. Greene" the same size as the D and the G, and the ending "D" and "E" to be the same size as the other small caps.
    • alx

      Hy, I'm pleased to hear that you like my designs. I see what you mean by "19th century England" :). I was going for classy gentleman. I made the adjustments. see them at #36.

  • I do like the use of negative space. My concern here is that I think the D gets lost--it's not readily apparent to me that it's a D. I like the cleanness of the design, but might prefer a serif font (at least for the spelled out part). Also, I would prefer "David A. Greene, Esq." instead of just "David Greene, Esq." Finally, the lighter shade of green doesn't have the weight I'm hoping for--it doesn't seem as rich as it might.
    • I meant the lighter shades you used, as compared to all greens. Not the lighter shade you used as compared to the darker shade you used.

  • Good shot--Unfortunately I'm not big on the scales thing.
  • I like that there's some weightiness here. I think the tree is probably too busy. Also, I'm not sure the gradient will be ideal (I like the solid versions on the lower right better).
  • I like the bottom part much more than the top. I get the negative space G, but I don't get the elephant-esque shape on top.
  • This has more the feeling I'm wanting, but I'm still not keen on the fedora.
  • I'm not loving the monacle/fedora idea. It says to me more "old British Aristocrat" than "young Tennessee Laywer."
  • can you do more with the "D" and "G" as similar/congruent but differently oriented shapes? I like that element. I think overall this feels too shiny. Think more mohagany leather and antique books, and less plastic. Modern is ok, but it should be understated. Your design w/ the D and G would be better for me if you took it in this direction: http://tasteofink.com/gallery/business-cards/jross
  • What if the gavel was the negative space in the G? Also, I think I want the brand to be "David A. Greene, Esq." so adding those elements would be good too.
  • I like the richness of this but don't prefer the man in the top-hat. It says to me (rightly or wrongly) 19th century england. Classic is ok, but this seems too specific to me.
  • Hi David: I created design #13 based on your fondness of typography and negative space mentioned in the brief. I used two different shades of green but would be more than willing to show you some blue or brown shades. It would be great to hear a bit of feedback from you. Regards, Funny the Pig
  • alx
    Dear David, Please check out entry #9. I'm looking forward for your feedback. Thank you, Alex.
  • HI Greene, I posted my design #42, Can you give any feedback?. If you like then we can improve or I will post a new desings
    • Seems too industrial to me. I'm a professional services provider, not a manufacturer. I do like the congruent shapes for the D and G.

  • I have come up a very fresh idea. Unfortunately, I cannot delete the one which I have already submit. Moreover, I don't have any more change to upload. Sorry! Good By David!
  • Hello CH! I posted a new design #48 any feed back? Thanks!
  • Hello again David - Just had something pop into my creative process - #39 . . . D&C with the "scales of justice" - This symbol most common to the general public, but designed to be more refined & upscale.
  • Hello Mr. Greene- You eliminated my design (33) Here was the thought process. . . - I just wanted to let you know that my concept was an "hour glass" I thought TIME & SMART MANAGEMENT = WEALTH built up over time. All without being too kitchy and focusing on your name. Perhaps to abstract?? Thanks for your time (no pun intended).
  • Hi David.....Thank you for rating my entries #34 and #35. Feel free to let me know if you need any changes. Thanks!
  • I think this just turns out to be too busy.
  • I like the look and feel of this in terms of the styles and colors and etc, I'm just not sure the D and G work in that configuration...