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Winning design #712 by ramelan550, Logo Design for David Melech Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ramelan550

Project description

I am looking for iconic, simple, not too fancy, and memorable.

I am launching a hat company that will evolve into a clothing brand, also. I need a logo that may include a hat in it, but one that can look good on clothes as well.

I need the name "David Melech" with some sort of logo to go with it like in my pictures, but also so that the logo without the words can go on my hats and other products.

I would really like to see a drawing of a hat or a gentleman in the logo. Some designers have used initials, but a drawing could be nice.

In Hebrew, David Melech means King David. If there were a subtle way to evoke a king, I would be open to such a design, but certainly not looking for a king on a thrown wearing a crown, though crown elements could be used.

This will be a high-fashion brand, though I want the logo to be hip and appealing to mid-twenties hipsters all the way up to people in their golden years. I don't want the logo to be stuffy or pretentious, just classy and hip.

In the images below, you can see the difference in quality from my original logo and other professional brands.

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  • would you please check my design please. is an abstrac of gentelment hat of "DM" #735
  • About #652, @clouddesign44
    Please check this.i hope you like it.
  • 702 designs for $397.00 do the math
  • Logo Mockup #723
  • Simple and elegant. Feedback welcomed thanks. #722
  • David Melech #714
  • David Melech #713
  • About #316, @ramelan550 About #279, @ramelan550 Hi Ramelan, I am very close to choosing your image. Could you please change the font of "DAVID MELECH" to the font in #703? Thank you.
  • could you put a circle around the "DM" please? Thank you!
  • I made a little rounded DM. Hope you'll like it. Sincerely Christina. Thank you.
    • About #706, @Kristina2912 thank you very much!

  • Hello! I made the change. Hope you'll like it. Best wishes Christine. Thank you.
  • I like this. Can you keep this on white background, but make the "DM" white and the rest of the circle black, please? thanks #625
  • please check my design and give me feedback #690
  • please check my design and give me feedback #689
  • please check my design and give me feedback #688
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I removed the cutaway effect on E, I hope you enjoy it. Sincerely Christina.
  • Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I changed the font, hope you enjoy. Sincerely Christina.
  • Hi,

    have a look.. #624
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #620
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #619