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Winning design #106 by thereeds92, Logo Design for DC Holiday logo Contest
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designed by thereeds92

Project description

Holiday logo community contest Designcontest is looking to find our new "Holiday logo" We are looking for a logo that has the holiday look and feel. You can add snowflake,characters,candy canes or what ever you creative mind creates!. We ask that You use our current logo and add to it. Please be creative and original. Please do not use clipart or existing logo art. This will be our logo with a Holiday twist! We have uploaded many examples of "Holiday logos" along with our current logo. Please download the example files for guides as to what we are looking for. Prize for this contest is as follows Gold will receive $50.00 prize and DC Tshirt Silver will receive DC tshirt Bronze will receive DC Tshirt Plus your medal and designer points We may rotate all 3 winners and when we use your holiday logo will will proudly announce and promote you and list designed by along with sharing your creative talent on our facebook page along with our newsletter and blog! This is a great opportunity to show case your talents as a designer as we plan to show these winning designs off to the world : ) We want the world to know what great talents we have here at designcontest.com Required source file artwork is vector/eps (fully editable) jpg and png file format. We have included The vector file of our current logo showing on dark and light backgrounds. Comments about others designs are allowed and encouraged in this community contest. After all it is a community contest, let's have fun and voice out any praise or criticism as long as it is constructive and friendly. Really love another designer's work? Let them know! We can't wait to see your Holiday logo ideas!

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  • Hi there! The logo would be used on the our website, so please, try to make all the elements close to each other :) Thank you!
  • I would try less stars and even change the stars to snowflakes, lets see what that looks like
  • This is cool looking, I wonder if more twinkle would liven this up a little : )
  • I'm not sure the red works,I like the lights though
  • same as #15 and #23 - small elements won`t be visible on the home page.
  • Same as #15 - small elements won`t be visible on the homepage :(
  • Lights are too small, not sure that they would be visible on the homepage.
  • you will have more uploads go ahead and submit the new ones
  • Something's wrong with the colors on my submitions after i uploaded them...(talking about #23 & #24) I don't know why.
  • Hi there I have uploaded an "eps" file of the on light and on dark DC logo. You should find this in the brief
  • I use Corel as i think a majority of designers do and i cant import it to Corel, i realy want to do something here...
  • Right Click on the download link and "save target as..." youll get the file but i cant import it to Corel X4 either.
  • I can't seem to download the file at all, s there a problem with it?
  • Is there an .eps version of the logo? i can't open the file with corel x3
  • Hello. here is my option #28 for DC Holiday logo. Thanks.
  • Hey there! About #25 I wanted to keep mine simple yet creative, and create all the design elements to remain visible on your homepage. I chose my own unique approach and create a candy cane out of your icon. I mean its a perfect shape for it! :) I also incorporated icicles hanging from the letters rather than snow. I found that when I tried using snow it took away the visibility of the "g" in "design." Thanks and this is a fun contest for sure! Dina
  • hello, dear CH! I've submitted logo #56. Please review it. Any suggestions, feedback are welcome. Thanks. Tiny.
  • Hello, I uploaded an updated version of my #15 (showing as #55) with the lights slightly bigger as per your suggestion earlier. I couldn't make them much larger without it looking odd. I also made a few tweaks and added a drop shadow as I see the logo has one on the page header now. I submitted smaller sizes for the contest screen as well. Cheers! This has been fun Jason (Hossuno)
  • Hi there I will be uploading some new files for all, please check the brief in about 2 hrs. Also note I have added more days to the contest
  • I like this but the little box kinda looks like another design sites or part of that other sites design