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We Had so Many Amazing Designs Submitted to us it was Just Amazing. The Designers were polite and great to communicate with. The Designer we Chose was just Over the Top Great and Gave us the Just the Design we were Looking For!

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Winning design #128 by todorut, Logo Design for Deal Commander Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by todorut

Project description

Looking for a Great Logo that represents what our Business is About. We Offer about anything you can think of for sale via the Internet. Our goal is to provide great deals to all of our customers. When we sell a product, we aren't looking to get the highest price for it, but rather sell it at a price that makes our customers want to come back and find even more great Deals. We sell anything from ankle bracelets to toilet bowl brushes. Our items will vary from day to day. Depending on the good deals that we can find at discounted prices; We then turn around and pass that savings on to our customers. If you would like an idea of what we sell, you can go to our website @ and click on Products. Thanks Very Much and Good Luck!

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  • Hi CH. i submitted my new design entry with a mouse design on it #66. i hope you like my concept. i need your feedback regarding with the color combinations, the fonts also. thank you very much.
  • Good job with the colors. I think you get the idea that we have no clue what we want so you've been original and we like that. If it's not too much trouble to submit some different fonts and colors that would be awesome. In your opinion, what could be another icon idea that would be updated from a mouse for internet shopping? Thanks so much I think you are the design to beat at this point.
    • Thank you, I will get right on it tomorrow. I will incorporate this into my design. Thanks again, -HamyDesigns

    • Awesome have a good evening!

  • Good morning CH! I am writing in regards to my latest designs, #52 and #53. First I wanted to incorporate a unisex color scheme to appeal to both men and women. I also used a mixture of a serious typeface along with a softer one to make the logo feel more welcoming. I look forward to any feedback you may have to offer. :) Thanks! Dina
    • Thank you I will Take a Look at them Both and Give you Feedback! Thank You

    • I just also submitted a few more designs as well. The latest I removed the cursive writing and applied a matching font throughout. Thanks! Dina

    • Thanks!

  • Dear CH, I just submitted entry #64 . I was going for something with a little more color, so let me know what you think. Also, please let we know what letters you would like the mouse under. Also submitted #65 , which has a glossy look. Thanks! -HamyDesigns
  • Dear CH, I just submitted #62 . Hope it was more what you where looking for. If you would like to see it with a different font, just ask; for I have a few extra lined up that I liked. Is there anything specific you would like to see in my design, for example different colors,?
  • Hi DealCommander, I've uploaded #61. I think its self explanatory. Let me know what you think. Thanks Carmine
  • Like this print Better than the Cursive. I also like how in your other design you put the "Deal" up above. Thank you for your Designs!
    • Thanks for the feedback! I just uploaded #60 which is using the same font as the one you prefer, just changed the layout around. Thanks! Dina

  • Please Try it without the Cursive Font. I know you picked that up at our Website but we are wanting to build our Website around this Logo. The Website at this point is just as a Reference for what we sell Online. Thanks
  • I like the Design. Can you change the Starburst to a Mouse with .net on it?
  • Hi Ch. i submitted my entry #47. i need your feedback thank you^_^
  • Just a General Comment: 1.Feel Free to Pick other Color Schemes instead of Blue / Green. 2. Definitely include .net somewhere in the logo or we won't be able to keep the design in the mix. We are Starting to get a lot of Submissions and I have Been trying to Comment on Everyone of them but I can't now, so I will Keep the Designs up that we Either Like a Lot or that we Like Elements of and we will try to let you know what we like. Awesome so Far Everyone. Love it! Thank you and I feel Confident we will have a winner!
  • You're definitely in the Running. can you add ".net" and change the Font. Awesome Thank you very Much
  • Is there a difference between #25 and #38. We like your Design. I like the "Pac Man" look to the "e" also. Thanks
  • Feel free to Do Different Colors. Thanks
  • I like how you are thinking "out of the Box"
  • Don't worry about carrying over the wood design from our Website as we will build the website around the logo we choose. Thanks
  • It's very Readable. I like that. We definitely want it to Appeal to Guys and Gals. Thanks
  • Please no "Rainbow"
  • Please be sure to add .net to the Design. Thanks
  • Thanks for our sugestion for entry #12- #14. I'll be add .net asap.