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Winning design #71 by einstine, Logo Design for Deconcreto Latinoamerica Contest
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designed by einstine

Project description

We are a business focused on the distribution and application of products for the polished concrete industry. Our actual name is Deconcreto Latinoamerica, DECO as decorative Concreto as concrete, we would like to make an emphasis on the decorative side of the brand within the logo, so the DECO stands out, meaning decorative. We are growing not only in colombia but south America, that’s why we have the latinoamerica word at the end. Something cool could come out of this too. Our targets are construction companies, contractors and engineers and architects. This is a new industry in constructions, it started in the 90s, so people who start to get interested are people who are willing to innovate in their projects and designs. We are going to use the logo everywhere ! In cards, shirts, paper even on floors using the stencil that we also apply on concrete floors. Concrete is not just plain grey, that’s why colors and gloss are the perfect way to bring the concrete floor as a canvas , a live , full of figures, colors, and limitless imagination. We are very open minded, we want to break down all of the industry paradigms, so please surprise us and let us fall in love with your magic! Thank you!! Muchas gracias!

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  • what if you try to put deconcreto inside of latinoamerica picture/vector with colors.. making emphasis on the deco idea?
  • Thank you for the first design, however, we are looking for something more innovative, something differential that stands out! The DECO is standing out, we have it that way right now, however, it does not amplify or explain its meaning, is there a way to make the DECO = DECORATIVE - actually just by reading DECO - ???
  • Dear CH, kindly check this #12 and let me know if there is any changes.. Thanks, HSdesign
  • Hi paola1, I am focused on apstract design artwork/design style, #16 and #17. One logo in a path to see what happenned with the text deconcreto, this is example of my vision, it can be in 3D style if necessary. I hope you like this idea, I am open for other, think that the path form text is the better idea, but I am open for suggesstions. Cheers, krisdesign studio
  • DEAR CH : can you show some of your works?for our inspiration. thank you!
    • Just done!! Thank you for your interest!! looking forward!

    • Hi Paola..I'm looking for your attachment or link of you works..have you attached any?

    • I commented on the logos we like or not.. Also posted some ideas!

  • inspire elegant deluxe art canvas simple modern TOP OF MIND something very distinctive hope it helps!
  • Anything ispiring on infographics?
  • I like your cheerful colors... Can we get some inspiration from it?
  • There's something that we like... but lets make it more modern.. inspiring. Latinoamerica anywhere?
  • What else can we do with the logo/figure/shape? I like it.. however we like to colors but not the way they go together right now. Can you try other colors please? Can we introduce the latin america idea anywhere?
  • Its a little confusing... we want something a little simpler, innovative, inspiring
  • I like something in the triangles, anything we can do maybe with other colors? Can we use the latinamerican idea, map, something anywhere?
  • Need something inspiring, modern
  • Need something a little more attractive.
  • Hi! Thank you for the logo!! I like the triangle idea, but I dont like the angle.. what else can we do with it? Any idea on how to insert the latin american part within it? Gracias!
  • Can you try other font please
  • can you please try other font please
  • Hello Paola, I hope you like my design, number 39. Do feel free to ask for amends. Yours Marco
  • Hi CH, Thank you for your rating my entry #31. Let me know if you need any revisions in it. Kind Regards Adnan
  • Hello CH! Ive submitted #37 and I need your feedback. Thank you!