Very interesting concept with talented designers ! I expected around 50 entries but had more than 1200. It was amazing ! There was so many great designs that it was hard to select my top most preferred. Some UX/UI improvements could be done on the website : - Rating an entry could be easier - When rating an entry for a designer previewing other entries from this designer with their associated rating could help - It is sad to not be able to add a comment after the contest is done. I would like to thanks all the designers in the contest.

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Winning design #896 by Mahendra_Mahe, Logo Design for Dedipresta Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Mahendra_Mahe

Project description

I would like a brand new logo for my company.
The current one is a quick vectorial picture made by myself with inkscape a few years ago.

The company is a small business specialized in software engineering and you will find more information on the company website

The expected feeling is "software quality" with "best practices" in "software engineering".

The logo may include a "lambda" since the company mainly focuses on a kind of software design that is named "functional programming" (often pictured with the lambda letter).

It probably should not include a computer design since it is usually used for hardware but the company only produces software.

The logo should probably be kept abstract but I'm really open minded on this project.

Feel free to keep, adapt or drop the colors.

Feel free to keep, adapt or drop the shape.

As a source of inspiration the symbol named "triskell" may also be part of the logo since it is a celtic symbol quite common locally. It should probably not be alone but if  you can find a good way to include it I'd be glad to see the result.

Thank you for all your submissions. I can see a lot of great logos. I feel a bit sad to eliminate some of them that look very good, but does not match the idea have of it.

Some feedback (36h hours after the beginning of the contest)
I am amazed by your creativity and seeing your submissions give me a better idea of what I want.
I also try to rate every submission to give you a feedback. Believe me it is not so easy because some of your works are really great.

For now I mainly focus on the shapes (not too much on the colors or fonts) there are clever ideas on how to integrate the previous elements (triskell, lambda) and/ or the letters "D" and "P".
I really like these concepts.

Remaining 5d 6h
I would like to answer to a few questions in comments.

For now I only focus on the shape and interesting ideas.
I do not review colors or font (except if it is the base of the design, especially for the latter).

About colors (despite the fact I don't review them yet) :
- 1 to 3 colors
- no shade of colors

I have no preference on the set of colors to use but if you want an hint:
- regional flag is called "Gwenn ha du" (if you want to Google it) and is black and white (2 colors)
- flag of France is Blue white and red (3 colors)
- a lot of online software services seems to like blue monochrome logos, so I'm used to it (Atlassian, Jira, Confluence, OVH, Facebook, ...) (1 color)
- I also like warm colors but It seems to look less modern
- keep in mind I have no preference on the colors so feel free to express your art

Remaining 4d 14h
Understanding the rating review until now:
70 and over: Theses concepts are the competitors to win this contest for now, I have a crush for them.
60 and over: Very good concepts but I feel like something is missing to get a crush.
40 and over: I like these concepts and I could have select them before seeing some other concepts (60+ rating). What I mean is that I'm impressed by the quality and creativity of designers and these concepts were already OK for me. This is more a question of preference for a concept over an other.
1 and over: Some interesting ideas but requires important changes to get a higher rating.
Eliminated: Does not match my idea of the logo

From now on (already started a few minutes ago) I'll merge Eliminated and rating until 30 for you to get quicker reviews.

Keep up the good work :)

Remaining 3d 4h
Since your designs are very great and deserve an award I have decided to add 2nd and 3rd prize on this contest.

Keep up the good work :)

Remaining 20h
I've seen so many great entries these last days (1000+ entries in only 6 days).
I'll launch a small vote with a few friends once the remaining time will be elapsed.
This vote will only focus on concepts I rated 80 or more and will help me to select the winner of this contest.

Since it often happens this last days, I want to notice that I'll not rate the same way concepts that are updated copy of the top rated entries. Ranking can be updated with new concepts, not with the copy (they can be great or even better, this is just a matter of ethic) of existing ones. So feel free to suggest new concepts until the very last minute, I'll check all of them and rate them.

Thank you for all your submitted concepts and all the concepts you will submit during the last hours of this contest.

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  • I have made a design for you, have fun, thank you #1226
  • I have made a design for you, have fun, thank you #1224
  • please check my design, thankyou :) #1223
  • This is my design i hope you like it thanks. #1222
  • Saya telah membuat desain untuk Anda, semoga menyenangkan, terimakasih #1220
  • option version of entry #1206 with different matching font, same simple and professional. Thank you. #1216
  • Your suggestions and responses will be very helpful, thank you ... #1208
  • Hello, I have made a logo design for you, I hope you like it, thank you #1207
  • @Dedipresta Good morning sir, Here is simple and professional engineering software concept. Hope you like it sir. #1206
  • About #1186, @dropsi
    I'm not really into this shape, but I liked your comment and how deep was your thinking to find a matching concept. I hope you had as much fun to design this shape and write your comment as I had reading and watching them. I'll never look the number 1110 the same way anymore :)
    Thank you for this entry :)
  • sir see my logo #1187
  • here is my design, so let me type some few lignes:
    i 've used the 3 colors of France's flag (blue,white,rouge),and that obvious ofc.
    As you can see, the overall look looks like a triskelion (kinda) , then if you focus a little bit, each color part looks like lambda.
    and as a hint for programming -(programming is known by 0 and 1)- and voilà ,here you got three ones of different colors and a multi-color zero inside.(subtleness :p), and guess what, what does "1110" give in hexadecimal, oh la la, it gives "E" (Engineering).subtle enough? #1186
  • see my logo
  • creative logo #1184
  • progammers be like :p (write a lot of lines :p "jk")
  • Please sir check this lambda iconic logo design. #1171
  • Please sir check this entry . #1166
  • Dear sir / mam, I've tried to create the logo to suit your needs,
    I have tried to do as your wish, I hope you will,
    Any changes in colors or fonts or anything is available,
    just tell me what do you need, Have a nice day ----- thank you #1164
  • hope you like it, thanks #1153
  • Dear Sir
    please check this concept. Hope you like. Thanks #1135