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Winning design #43 by CKS, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by CKS

Project description

1)    I would also like to design a logo for a new website  This website will be specializing in the sale of waterfront real estate on the emerald coast.  I  I want want the logo to be either in the shape of a circle or half circle.  Inside the circle I want the logo to look like the boat dock in the picture below with water in the background.  You can leave the boat out of the boat house, but i do like the idea of one going across the water in the back ground.   Around the top of the circle I want the web address  Around the bottom of the circle, I want the phrase: Luxury Waterfront Living.  Below that I want the words:  HARBOR | BAY | BAYOU.  Wording needs to be in a classic simple clean font, something similar to tahoma.  If you choose to use a half circle shape, please use the similar layout and design. As far as colors go, I put two types of blue I like but I am open to other ideas.  For printing purposes, I would prefer to only have three different colors in it at the most.  I looking for a simple, clean, classic design.  Thanks              


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  • The new design concept for you sir, do you like it? #42
  • how about this one sir? #41
  • with the sunset background #40
  • New design for you sir. #39
  • I gave a space between the circles in front and central image, what do you think? regards #36
  • hallo sir, this revision of the design #12, whether there needs to be renewed? please let me know, I'll gladly do it for you, greetings #33
  • I tried to make a new variation of my first design, how do you think sir? regards #14
    • @remora I like #12 better. If you can make the changes I suggested on #12, I think we would be getting close.

    • @john1tait okey sir, no problem, I'll fix my design concept as soon as possible, thank you, greetings

  • Changed to a more beige like and made website bold #22
  • About #20, @lawfx i like the layout.  A few suggestions.
    1) make in bold print with luxury waterfront living  not bold. i want emphasis on web address.
    2) change the orange to more of a beige / light yellow. 

  • A variation, slightly bigger boat and added some birds #21
  • About #19, @pujanggalangit  i like the layout and colors but i do not like the dock layout and perspective.  please see photo attached to brief for preferable design and perspective. 
    • About #19, @john1tait Thank you for you're feedback CH, i''ll upload new design soon

  • Redesigned the dock with more detail and did some more changes, let me know what you think, thank you :) #20
  • About #18, @CKS I like the layout.  A few changes.  

    1) make dock look more like the photo.  
    2) change mustard color to beige / yellow and the water to a lighter blue / turquoise
    3) Make the circle darker blue background with the letters in white. HARBOR |BAY | BAYOU same color as background of circle 
  • About #16, @lawfx I like this layout but I do not like the dock.  Please check updated brief for suggested changes.  Thanks 
    • @john1tait Alright, I'll work on it, thank you for the feedback!

  • About #11, @CKS I like the simplicity of this but check my updated brief for some suggested changes.  thanks 
    • CKS

      About #11, @john1tait  Thank you, i´m working on it! Cheers.Erick

  • About #3, @lawfx Of all yours, this is my favorite but its not really what I am wanting.  Please check my updated brief for a better description of what i am wanting.  Thanks     
  • About #4, @n450r1 I like the fact that this is simple and clean.  Please check my updated brief for a better idea of what I am wanting.  Thanks  
  • About #5, @pujanggalangit sorry, not my favorite.  Check the updated
     brief for a better idea of what i am wanting.
  • About #7, @Dody_arts Sorry, not my favorite.  Check the updated
    brief for a better idea of what I am wanting.
  • About #10, @H&JDesigns sorry, but I do not like this one.  Check my updated brief for some different ideas.  Thanks for your efforts.