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Winning design #9 by GJR, Logo Design for Deer Vista Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

Deer Vista is a luxury residential home community in Park City Utah. I need the logo to represent the community. I want the logo to look sophisticated, to compliment the luxury aspect of our homes. Below is a description of the community. At the heart of the Deer Vista community is the rugged yet sophisticated style of the great American West. Mountain homes here draw inspiration from nature, taking full advantage of the distinctive terrain and spectacular mountain vistas, while at the same time opening to the most modern and creative design. Interiors are inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the natural setting. Innovative, stylistic and in concert with their surroundings, these luxury home designs are a testament to the grandeur of life at Deer Vista.

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  • I need the logo to be more serious, it needs to be more luxurious. Our company makes luxury homes. Thank You
  • I need the logo to be stronger, this is good but it is too delicate for our company.
  • please accept my entry for your consideration. Submitting #7 for your review - - Thank You!
  • I really like your logo. Can you please provide a few more similar to this. Thank You
  • I like the idea of this logo but I would like it to be more serious and luxury. Thank You
    • I submitted #13 with the revisions. Thank you for your feedback.

  • This logo is to simple, we are selling luxury homes and need a more sophisticated logo. Thank You
  • I need the logo to be more complex, this is to simple for what our company is trying to convey. Thank You
  • I need the logo to show more luxury. Thank You
  • I like the logo but it needs to be more modern and sophisticated. This is is not unique enough for our company. Thank You
  • Vector art is not allowed in logo contests. Designs need to be original.