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Winning design #154 by GAKA, Logo Design for DeeVan Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

I need a logo designed for my logistics business (MOVING). We looking for designer with an original look at moving, and non standard ideas (as my under =) *joke)

Design Brief:

Company Name: Deevan/DEEVAN/DeeVan;

[DEE]van - (phonetic from Ukrainian - sofa, divan), 

dee[VAN] – (from English VAN - large closed vehicle for transport goods, furniture).

Describe Business:

My business includes the service of transporting and loading goods, things, furniture for private clients  in the big city. It`s based on highest service for each customer and customer retention , reliability and FAST SPEED of processing each order.

Target Market:

Female – Male (20-55 years)

Logo Will Represent and Convey:

We would like to have a logo that includes the company NAME;

Something ORIGINAL & interesting, that represents our HIGHER QUALITY OF SERVICE over our competitors;


Individual approach to each client which delivered  by a reliable and responsible team of MOVERS and drivers who TRANSPORT the FURNITURE in the VAN (specifically Mercedes-Benz 516 - you can see it under describe), by high-quality and FAST WAY. (But we are open to all ideas and something SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE is DESIRED).

I'd like would be for the logo to be progressive - NOT Cartoonish. We want it more simplistic and stylized as opposed to cartoonish. But we are certainly  open to all ideas!


Logistics, transporting, moving, loading.


Elegant, positive, interesting

Kind of Design:

Primarily consist of the name DeeVan(DEEVAN,deevan) AND COMBINED with a symbol, illustration or abstract representation of MOVING (car-Van, movers, divan or furniture)


NOT NECESSARY my colors, you can choose your own ones if they are interesting!


Open to suggestion as long as it's original!

Best regards, Dima

Good luck! ;)

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  • back van :) #171
  • Pelase feedback. thanks #168
  • hi ,it's my new design ; ) #167
  • @snickersdima, please give me your comments. I am ready with further revision. #155
  • Dear CH,
    I hope you like my designs, please feedback, I am ready to revise .... greeting me .. #154
  • Hi snickersdima..
    Its my design..hope you like this pict.
    Thank you #151
  • Hi, GAKA, very good, please make the same, but without "грузчики грузоперевозки", or use the font "Terminator Cyr Semi-expanded Bold"
    We want to put both words "грузоперевозки грузчики" into one logo.
    Good luck! ;) #150
  • hy this is my entry
    any feedback will be very appreciated
    thank you #149
  • Okay, GAKA, forget about tagline. It will be easy for me to find fonts of my own language. At the end we need 2 variants of logo on transparent background:
    1. white-red
    2. Blue-red #128
    • About #128, @snickersdima
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

    • About #128, @snickersdima
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • I remade a car as you asked for #132 just need to work on colors and text... i will continue if you like, and 1 more question(russian ore ukrainian slogan?)
  • Slick, modern, clever and up-to-date; a logo for the 21st century. Clean, brandable, memorable and easy to use. #129
  • Hi Ch,
    Please check this concept out:) #126
  • GAKA you didn't understand me. We like this concept (half divan/half van). This one is more minimalistic. Try upgrade something here. And please make in tagline two words in ukrainian:
    1. ГРУЗОПЕРЕВОЗКИ (грузоперевозки) - big or small letters you choose
    2. ГРУЗЧИКИ (грузчики)
    Maybe try to make them red & blue, or only one color.
    Thank you, GAKA!
    Good luck ;) #88
    • About #88, @snickersdima
      Sure sir.. i will update ASAP. please waiting..

  • This words are on Cyrillic. Please try to save interesting type of font! ;) #88
    • About #88, @snickersdima
      Yes sir, I only give a few variations of shapes to be varied ... hopefully pleasing ..
      i will update ASAP

  • pleace comments and give me ratting mr. #118
  • Okay, Gaka, thank you for attempt.
    We thought and decided to stop at version # 88 (without box and mover).
    Try to somehow modify as you like. You have good taste :)
    Maybe placed in a circle or something to add. You are welcome with all ideas. Also we want to see it on the wall and visitcard as you did ;) Good luck, GAKA ;) #97
    • About #97, @snickersdima
      Sure sir.. i will update .... regards

  • It's not enough elegant, sorry
    Thank you for your attempt! ;) #65
    • About #65, @snickersdima okay sir, will bring you my update design.. please kindly wait.. thanks for the comments anyway.. :)

  • Please feedback again sir...
    regards.. #94
    • @GAKA sorry for my English, GAKA. :( I mean spoiler like here ↓

    • @snickersdima yes sir, I'll go back revisions...

  • I don't understand the meaning of this logo #79
  • Very good!
    please, try to make "visor" on the cab. like on the file#2, and then up the box a bit higher. I don't know what will looks better this type or with visor. The mover - nice)
    And i'll go sleep today, will check you through 5h
    Very good work, GAKA!
    Good luck! ;) #91
    • About #91, @snickersdima
      Thank you Sir... the best for you