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Winning design #85 by mehsugeh, Logo Design for Delco Sales Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mehsugeh

Project description

Looking for a creative compilation of elements that I already have envisioned. Would like a logo (square or round OK) that can play in both the color and black-white worlds. The company name Delco Sales doesn't need to be integrated into the logo but would like to have it designed to sit on top or bottom or on the side and have it look cohesive.

I want the perspective to be from inside the barrel of a wave looking out - like the Surfrider logo or tube photo, but the wave/water portion should only take up 20-25% of the frame. Would like to have a sunset/sunrise theme so the primary colors are turquiose, orange and yellow. Beach, palm trees silhouetted in the mid-ground and agave plants with a jimador (the name of the worker that trims the spiny leaves from the agave plant) on the side of a mountain ro volcano silhouetted in black.  Please see the attached files for references.

Update 2/11/17 - I drew a mockup of the perspective and elements I'd like included in my logo. Although I'm a terrible artist, I'm hoping this will help with your designs. Thank you!

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  • Nice design but a little too busy. #79
  • I like the shape of the wave and composition. I can't tell though if it is a sunset or a moon. Thank you! #82
  • Hi, here it is the revision, thank you. #74
  • About #68, @oeroenoejah
    I really like this logo design. I'm going to have my friends in the design industry vote on my two favorite logos now- one of them is this one. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • About #69, @ThomasPack
    Thank you for you entry. It's pretty late in the contest and this doesn't represent the brief or instructions I provided. Sorry.
  • About #70, @fzrm4thic
    Very nice work.
  • About #67, @yulistina
    I like the silhouette elements in your design but not the wave. It is coming from the wrong direction (from the land). It also feels a little too busy.
    • About #65, @andydellenbach
      thanks for comment. ok, i'll try to change.

  • About #63, @fzrm4thic
    Psychedelic! Lots of color and a very cool perspective but I think it is too busy and will not work in black and white. Thanks!
  • About #64, @Victoireking
    Neat idea and I like the sun rays, however I don't get that it is a wave and thus this design doesn't work.
  • About #65, @yulistina
    Not a big fan of the logotype. Also, I think I prefer it stacked with DELCO on top and a little larger with SALES underneath
  • About #66, @yulistina
    Too busy especially in black and white. Wave is coming from the wrong direction.
  • About #55, @fzrm4thic
    The look of the wave with the colors and lines is the best so far. Perspective is right too. Not really liking the pointed mountain but I do like the palm trees and agave/jimador silhouettes.
  • About #53, @Dhamma
    Cool concept but the wave doesn't have the proper perspective. Looks more like a camera shutter.
  • About #52, @Dhamma
    Cool concept but the wave does not have the same perspective that I'm looking for. I want it from inside the barrel or tube of the wave.
  • I really like this wave shape and perspective. Great job! #54
  • I like everything about this logo except: the wave shape- make it look more like the wave in entry #54 and #55. #48
  • While most of the entries have focused on the circle logo, I'm liking the square logo too. You've done a great job including all of the elements and followed directions. This is going to be a tough decision! #48
  • There's something about this design that I really like. I think it is the simple yet elegant combination of elements and the use of lines that is jiving with me. Very cool logo! #46
  • You have the right perspective from inside the barrel/tube of the wave! Maybe try the wave with turquoise lines instead of yellow? More orange in the sunset and take out the green hue. If you reduce the wave to 20-33% if the total frame, it may give you extra room to make the palm trees and agave/jimador larger. #45
  • About #39, @ch Do I need to streamline some of the elements or just change the waves?
    • @Dhamma Change the perspective so it looks like you are inside the barrel/tube of the wave. See the Surfrider logo I published as a reference or my photo icon to the left. This is the perspective I'm looking for.