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Winning design #157 by cobalt, Logo Design for Delineate Design Studio (DDS) Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cobalt

Project description

Delineate Design Studio is a growing company working in the field of architectural design (Specially Interior Designs)

We are looking for a logo for our company which reflects our spirit.
We have no particular preference in terms of colors, fonts or shapes; it is all up to your creativity.

The logo should contains the following items:
1) A symbol or shape.
2) Company name (Delineate Design Studio).
3) The field of working (Architectural Design & Execution).  

Keywords: Sketch, Drawings, Designing, Lines, Freehand

Submitted design must have a concept and not just a form, and this concept may be required from the designer to clarify by sentences and illustrations.

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  • this design is full of architectural components and also D letters inside. #178
  • it's also DDS concept with cool color combination. #177
  • Excellent, regarding colors and fonts, this version is the best yet for the colors and fonts.
    But we want to see the font applied on the words (Delineate + Studio) on your submit number 160 to be applied on the full title (Delineate Design Studio) on this version instead of the font used.
    And we want the frames to be rotated so that the sharp edges to be directed to (north - east - south - west) as your submit number 83.
    Thanks in advance. #157
    • revision #165 and #166 including frames rotated and font from 160.

    • @cobalt Thanks for your revisions no. 165, 166, 167 and 168, Great work.
      Could you please present the concept of the logo by illustrations, the concept could be presented as following:
      "one frame symbol" = transparency |
      "one frame symbol" + "another frame symbol" + "another one" + .... = transparencies over each others |
      "the dotted symbol in the center of the frames" = design under adjustment |
      "the clear symbol in the center of the frames" = The design after being delineated |

      concept: In Architecture we use transparencies over each others, transparency after the other to make modifications on the design until the design been delineated, and this is expressed in the logo.

      thanks in advance.

    • revision #169 : concept presentation as requested. I slightly changed the dotted symbol , I though the dot where a bit too thick , let me know if it's ok like that. Thank you

    • @cobalt Thanks for your efforts.

    • I've noticed you ranked #157 higher so I uploaded a presentation with it : #176.

  • It's a concept of DDS. S is in white color. The circle in the central part and a shape at the bottom also project that the logo relates to interior design. thanks. #174
  • Very good, regarding fonts, this version is one of the best yet for the fonts.
    But we want to see the blue color applied on your submit number 157 to be applied on this version instead of the color used.
    And we want the frames to be rotated so that the sharp edges to be directed to (north - east - south - west) as your submit number 83.
    Thanks in advance. #159
    • revisions #167 and #168, frame rotated + blue colour.

  • Excellent but you need to decrease the line weight of the circle lines. #155
    • @arch-waleedyounis #162 and #163 with modified/decreased circle lines

  • Maybe you can replace the red color by a catchy degree of blue, green or golden color.
    or maybe you have other recommended colors.
    we want to see more variations of colors to reach the best color. #153
    • I'll post revisions with different colours including blue, green and golden.

      About the font, we've try several, do you think you can narrow what you like and dislike.
      uppercase or lowercase , serif or sans-serif , thick or not, handwritten ... It would be helpful thank you.

    • @cobalt Thanks in advance to make more than a proposal by more than one color, and about the font used we recommend to provide the title in handwritten version besides another version (sans serif - thick - lowercase with capital letters in the words beginning). Example: Delineate Design Studio

    • here's a couple of revisions #157 , #158, #159, #160 with different colour and font , waiting for your feedback ...

  • #155 and #156 simple graphic design with circle and square drawn with precise lines.any feedback would be nice #155
  • Excellent design, and special shape, and the method of writing after the addition of the dividing line between the title and the field of work has become very good.
    However, I was unable to determine whether this is the best font or You may do better, and so is the red color.
    But in total, excellent design and a respectable effort. #154
  • The black version on white background is Excellent except the font, but the white version on black background is different from the other versions (one frame is deleted) !!
    The colored version still weak.
    I recommend you to choose a unique and luxury font carefully, and to keep all the frames and the title with black color (I mean white with black stroke as it is) , and choose another catchy color to be used in the icon in the center of the frames and the working field sentence.
    Thanks for your effort #152
    • one frame was actually missing in the white and black version , well spotted ! Also I realised frame colour wasn't reverse as it should have been on black background. #153 should be proper version on black background. I 've changed the font and used colours as requested (red seemed appropriate). Thank you.

    • and #154 mockup.

  • sorry for the delay, here's a revision as requested with different font and black and white variations. #149
    • @cobalt Nice design in black and white, but the colored version still weak, could you please submit this design again in a mock-up as your design no. 83 with another classic and luxury font, and may be you increase the size of the working field sentence to fit with the title. sorry for asking for adjustments more and more. thanks

    • no worries, see revision #152 with modification as requested , including mockup.

  • Dear CH, please find my new concept #146 #147 and #148. Using delineation as the key factor to secant a circle creating two D's, and then adding a dashed segment at a 45 degree angle crossing the centre point creating an S shape within the smallest inner dashed circle. It is simple, easy to recognize and means something. Kind regards, Liz : )
    • @lizonil Great concept, and professional way to explain the concept, good design, but you can make proposals and other designs with a new spirit so that we have more than design, more than an idea enabling us to choose the winning design.

  • I'm waiting for this design to be submitted again after making the required adjustments concerning the font and colors. #139
  • Excellent design, and good colors, but we need to see another version of this design with black color instead of the green color in the title.
    And you may submit another versions with simple adjustments.
    Thanks #138
    • @arch-waleedyounis by simple ajustments you mean only black title or some other modifications?its no problem to change something

    • @savevski I mean the black title, and if you have any simple adjustment may improve the design. But I am not asking for any specific adjustments, it's all up to you and your ideas.

  • Nice design, the symbol is unique but the font needs to be changed and the color of the working field sentence.
    You have to do this modifications and try to submit two versions (Mono color version + colored version). #139
  • D shaped logo representing "Delineate" drawn by golden ratio.color schemes can be changed if this ones does not fit your style and concept #137 and #138
  • Well done design, thanks for your effort. #136
  • I was talking about The orange and green hatched lines, not about the dotted lines inside the octagon. #132
    • About #132, @arch-waleedyounis circles like they are and green solid color?

    • @savevski I think Squares like they are and orange solid color will be better.

  • dear sir,#130 and #131 are my last designs for now.they are done completely precise and with all the elements that u required.i'll do any modification if you somehow think it is necessary.wish u all the best
    • @savevski Your design is one of the best designs till now, the only modification that may be done is to make one of the shapes (Circles & Squares) hatched and the other not. Example: (Circles = Hatched line but Squares = Normal line) or vice versa. Thank you for the great effort, and any other ideas or designs will be welcomed.

  • totally white logo on black background & totally black logo on white background.
    not colored logo on white and black backgrounds. #112
    • @arch-waleedyounis dear sir,since u r extending this contest i want to asko u if it is possible to make it "blind contest".all the logos are starting to look like each other and the leading designs are having the same text alignment.thanx in advance

    • @savevski I agree with you and sorry for strapline text in the same position, the CH asked me to move it up and change font so this was the only place it would naturally fit with the tail of the g hanging down. It was very different to start with. I think blind is the way to go.

    • @savevski Sorry sir, I can't make it "blind contest", but I know what you mean and you are right, but you have to know that The key point that will help any design on get close of winning are presented in the form of design and design idea.