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Winning design #57 by friendnand, Logo Design for Demon Cults Contest
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designed by friendnand

Project description

The "Demon Cults" series is an ongoing series of ebooks on the topic of dark and devilish cults in a fantasy/heavy metal sort of style. The text must read "Demon Cults" (plural). Think Vampirella or Anne Rice books for a sense of brooding, gothic tone. A logo comfortable in Middle Earth would be good here. Blackletter fonts are ok, as long as they stay pretty legible. The logo will be used in thumbnails on Amazon and similar places for ebooks, so it must be crisp and legible at small sizes. Not looking for Halloweenish, overtly Satanic, or religious elements--needs to apply to a range of topics. Also, this logo will likely appear over art/book covers for the series, so it needs a clean edge or high contrast to keep it distinct from the art/background. Sample links for Style:

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  • Worth noting: The logo must use the plural "Demon Cults". It's not the singular form we're looking for.
  • Not bad, right sort of letterforms and the sword shape is cool. The glow probably won't work for a lot of uses, though, and the eye is too small at the sizes we'll likely use this.
    • I personally dig this graphic layout as my favorite (the glow is just part of the sample background) and thought you would too; since you've found something else, I'm out. Good luck with the thing.

  • Cool design, needs the "S" though.
  • Needs the "S"
  • Nice use of ornament and lower case. Needs the "S" though.
  • Typo in the logo. Needs "S"
  • Typo in the logo... Needs "S"
  • Good start, eliminating because the new variations are better.
  • This isn't bad: the horns on the "m" are terrific touch, and the font is extremely readable at small sizes. Something about it is not grabbing people though. Not sure why the "S" is red.
  • Too squared off, your other options with horns is more playful (and that one is preferred, so staying in the contest). Also, the second word is hard to read at small sizes. The display font used has really small interior spaces.
  • Hello CH, I've submitted #9. I hope i'm going in the right direction. I can modify it accordingly. Thanks, Paul
  • Really like this direction and the ornaments, but the divided letterforms are hard to read at small sizes.
    • I am glad you like it. I can remove the divided look and make it one solid color for clear visibility. Let me know if you need any other change/s. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Just uploaded a revised version #13. Alternatively it can be in black or any color of your choice :)

    • Cool, thanks for the quick response. I'm not ready to make a final call, but this is a contender.

    • Thanks for the prompt response. I am in no rush as long as you are good with time. I just want to show you all revisions in time so that you can see your vision come to life :). Just posted another color combination for you.

    • Great! Today was the first day I could review entries. I expect to comment and review on more Monday.

  • Good, but unfortunately needs to be plural, and must be slightly more legible at small sizes.
  • Too modern, don't want graffitti typeface for this.
  • Too modern, don't want a Christian angle with cross.
  • Too hard to read at small sizes
  • Too modern with the spray paint drips.
  • Good, not sure about the black interior spaces.
  • Font too elaborate
  • Not quite the look we want, and not plural