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Winning design #188 by Rocky30, Logo Design for Dental Office Logo Contest
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designed by Rocky30

Project description

I am starting a dental office just off of Highway 27 and will call the practice 27 Family Dentistry. Incorporating the Hwy 27 sign into the design is important. I also want "Family Dentistry" somewhere in the design. My tagline for my practice is "The road to a healthy smile starts here", but that does not need to be in the logo design, just providing a little more information for your benefit. I would emphasize that I desire a minimal and classic design most of all. The practice will be high end dentistry. The decor in the office will be traditional, but with a modern feel. Hopefully, some of this will help you as you design. Thank you in advance for your excellent work!

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  • SCH
    Hi jonathanhardydm, where is Highway 27 in the USA, i would be grateful, if you could provide the ref/info. Thank you :)
    • |--|

      SCH {*wrote*}:
      Hi jonathanhardydm, where is Highway 27 in the USA, i would be grateful, if you could provide the ref/info. Thank you :)
      |--| sure, it runs from Florida to Michigan and runs through georgia, tennessee, kentucky, and indiana. Its a main thoroughfare through the town i will be practicing.

    • SCH

      “That's a long way to go". Thank you so much for your information :)

  • Greeting Ch, i submit a logo sample. Needed a information for Company name. It's Highway 27 (Hwy 27)? Thanks.
  • Hello, just submitted #12 and #13 for your review, please give me some feedback in order to improve the design to best suit your needs. I hope you like them. Thank you.
  • I like the layout, but I dont like the block font or the gray and black background. The font made more contemporary, less whimsy would be better
    • Thanks CH Will change the font for you and post a couple different ones...the background is just for reference it is not in the logo but ill change it...

    • Hi CH. How about #49 and that what you meant about fonts or do you like something different with more "body"/shape?

  • An additional request to the top one you designed: could you put some shading (or shadowing) on one side of the logo to give it some dimension. I would just like to see what that might look like. Thanks.
    • good evening CH... thank you very much for the great positive feedback about my designs.. i am very sorry for the delay of your request, lately we are experiencing some electricity problem... but now i am online... i will submit your latest request CH.. thank you very much...

    • good evening CH.. latest design is in draft #53 and #54... thank you very much CH... Hoping to win this project... thank you...

  • I like the simplicity of the design, but if you could make family dentistry more a part of the design instead of 2 separate elements.
    • Wiw

      Thanks for your feedback and rating points. I have refined the logo. Hope you like it.

  • hello ch just a couple of questions what is the name of the company you would like in the logo? would you like a tooth within the logo aswell as the road sign thank you for you time
    • I am a bit confused too regarding the word to incorporate in the logo if it is " the practice 27 Family Dentistry" or its okay to use "Hwy 27" and "Family Dentistry" together only. Please explain. I am designing with my concept though !

  • The design is fine; however, i think the 27 sign shape doesn't look quite right. I also think the font for Family Dentistry and below it could be more clean/crisp.
    • Thanks for the feedback. I'll work on changes. dlbonanno64

    • CH, Sent a new design #34. Let me know what you think. dlbonanno64

  • Alright, that works better I think. Can you change the font to make it a little less whimsical. I like the placement of the font, but maybe a few different variations. Also, can you put it on a white background. Thanks.
    • Thanks for the feedback. I've uploaded entry #39 with font variations for you to choose from, as requested. Thanks again.

  • I like the design. Its not what I was expecting, but very clever. Can you make Family dentistry a little more prominent. I like the sign shape, but perhaps it could be changed to have the outline of the sign less thick (or changed to add an outline inside or outside it...not sure, it just seems too much somehow? Sorry if this isn't that helpful, I'm trying to put my finger on it.)
    • Hello CH, No worries, any feedback is much appreciated. I've uploaded entry #37 with the changes you've suggested thus far. I also included an option (#38) without any sign shape, which I think is cleaner altogether. Probably more effective for the type of graphic-play idea. I would appreciate any further feedback. If you don't know what to say about the art itself, maybe let me know the type of thing you were expecting, what you like or dislike in general, and the type of reaction you want from people. Thanks again.

  • I like the top one with the blue sign/black writing. (the one without the word highway inside the sign) I think we're close. Last thing I was thinking is I'd like to emphasize family dentistry a little more and the Highway 27 a little less. Not sure if changing the size of the font or bolding one vs. the other would help to make family dentistry stand out a little more.
  • Hello CH, I've uploaded entries #35 and #36, with an effort to meet your requests. The concept is pretty self explanatory, the symbol being a tooth family of sorts, with the required road sign motif, and kept classic and minimal in style. I hope you like it. Thank you for your consideration.
  • I really like this one...the font, etc. But one edit I would ask is to change the shape of the sign from an interstate shape to a U.S. highway shape (same logo, writing, and colors, just different sign shape) Thanks!
    • thank you very much for the message CH.. i will submit the revised design of this entry.. thank you...

  • Hi! could you please check my logo? is the #28. Thanks
  • If I could recommend an edit, then I would suggest that instead of a tooth under the number 27 if you could do an outline of a tooth around the 27 (but within the highway sign). thanks!
  • I like the font, but I would prefer to see the actual Highway 27 sign as part of the logo. A very nice start and I do like your work.
    • good day CH.. thank you very much for the great and positive feedback about my entries... i will upload revised design of entry... thank you..

  • im not sure the tooth symbol is helping the logo's simplicity. I also think all the black is a little overwhelming
    • Hi jonathan.. welcome to DC and thanks for your feedback.. as requested I have tweaked my previous logo to #24, I hope you will like it Best regards

  • i like the layout and the dimensionality of the design; however, i don't like the font that much (perhaps too whimsical?)
  • I like the font and layout but would prefer to see the actual Hwy 27 sign integrated into the design
  • Hello ch I have post #23, rather then using a tooth image, like most dentistry firms, thought i would give you an abstract logo with numbers resembling teeth by color, using greens and blues to show your fresh and professional, if you would like anything changing please let me know thank you