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Overall extremely pleased with the service - got more designs than I expected, and enough of the right quality and approach that I had plenty to choose from at the end. The designcontest website was a bit flaky at times - I had problems making the Voting function work and at other times the site would freeze and I would have to log out and come back in again. The 'I am Not a Robot' thing is a royal pain in the behind. But - overall - it was easy, cost-efficient and I got the result I was looking for.

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Winning design #60 by creativebang, Logo Design for Department T Contest
Gold Medal

designed by creativebang

Project description

We are a communication training organisation (PR, corporate affairs, media relations, internal communication, reputation management, storytelling). The ethos of department T is no-nonsense - no time-wasting, no messing about - and the logo has to reflect that. We're the mercenaries of communication training. It's not always pretty, but we get the job done quickly effectively and efficiently. Time is a valuable resource, and we do not waste our client's time. We have long track records practising what we preach. We are experienced and we are professional and we know how communication - in all its forms - works best. We are objective-focused and results-driven, and people learn things from us. Our colours are red, orange and yellow. We are Department T. (Attached 'We Are Department T graphic is just to give an broad idea of the direction we thought about taking - but we're not committed to it.)

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  • hello person:) #348
  • hello sir #346
  • Hello, this is my another design with 2 different style, i hope you can consider my design, thank you :) #323
  • Dear sir, this is my design with 3 different style, the 3 signal bar icon represents 3 ethos of Department T, 3 lines under the letter T represent speed, and the bubble chat icon represent communication. I hope you can consider my design :) #317
  • hello sir, please feedback #169
  • I hope this design is what you want.
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  • Einfaches Logo ... mit Kommunikationssymbolen #310
  • Einfaches Logo ... mit Kommunikationssymbolen #309
  • My proposal design 04 #305
  • My proposal design 03 #304
  • Beautiful logo
  • "nominative communicatio" from Latin communicationem (nominative communicatio), noun of action from past participle stem of communicare "to share, divide out; communicate, impart, inform; join, unite, participate in," literally "to make common," #294
  • avo
    I propose a concept logo
    Please check carefully.
    Let me know if there are any improvements you want, I'm ready to work for you.
    Thanks. #291
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  • simple logo #284
  • simple logo...department T #283
  • please for #202
    thank you a lot before
  • how about this? :) #265
  • einfaches Logo ... mit Kommunikationssymbolen dort (zwischen "we are" und "department") #264
  • Please check it,thanks. #262