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Winning design #188 by vlada, Logo Design for Designers up north Contest
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designed by vlada

Project description

About us: Designers up north is a small graphic and web-dev firm in ice cold Norway. The case is that we need a logo(They are a graphic firm? Design the logo yourself.) You may say. Believe me when I say that we have tried many many times! But it's just doesn't feel right. So we need help from you people. The logo: Like you understand from the name, we are from "up north" So the logo has to have a element that represent that "cold feeling" (Remember no penguins, they are from the south pole ) The logo will play a huge part at the webside since it will be in the center at first page with just some navigation and some sosical icons over it. So it wouldn't be a logo that just take up a small place in the upper left corner. We have chosen to leave the logo design options wide open because we would like to see all our options and not limit your creativity. Edit: Okay, just have to say something after we have gotten some entries. Don't use gradients (gradients doesn't look that good on print and merchandise) Also dont use reflections.

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