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There were many great logos submitted. I made the decision-making process a little difficult. Overall it was a great experience.

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Winning design #63 by savina, Logo Design for Dev Drift Contest
Gold Medal

designed by savina

Project description

Create a logo for a software/application development company.

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  • I like this one better. Thanks.
    • Thank you for the feedback CH. I appreciate the ratings... =)

    • Good job bai. Naka duha na imong daog.. hapit nako nimo maapsan dah. hehe. keep it up. :-)

  • Hi, I submitted an entry for you #2 . Please provide me any feedback you might have to improve my design to your desire and satisfactory! Best Regards
    • I really liked both of you designs. A this point I will wait to see more entries, but yours are on top of my list. Once I see more entries I will be able to compare them and give better feedback. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment and I certainly understand. I will think more about my #3 entry and try to improve on that. Best Regards.

    • Hi, I submitted an another entry for you #73. Different subtle color and "software developer" integration. Best Regards Nomadicart

  • Sorry, I don't like the font, and the art looks too 'industrial'. Thanks though.
  • The color combinations are nice too.
    • Thanks for the great feedback! Here are the changes #11 :) Details: I removed /APPLICATION as requested and I created a technology symbol (development, rotation, cycle etc.) Is this moving in the right direction? If you have any more request please let me know and I will be glad to update the logo for you! Thanks again, ~ Marvel

  • The top-right quadrant of the square looks a little cluttered with both d's overlapped. I think it would look better if it was only one d, or incorporate both d's but without too much color variation in a single area. The other 3 quadrants look fine.
  • Hi nightelf, I like your concept, but I could prefer if there was less gradients and color variation. The colors are nice though.
  • Hello CH! Please check my work #6 if i'm going the right direction... thanks
  • Nice concept, but the grid makes the D's hard to distinguish.
  • It would be nice to have some kind of abstract art, or something that makes it identifiable without necessarily spelling out DevDrift.
  • Nice font. Please remove "/APPLICATION" that was only in there as part of the description. Thanks.
  • Hi hrbd, Thanks for you submission. I would prefer more subtle color changes. Also, with regards to the fonts and art, I am looking for something that looks a bit more modern or "technological". Your concept of the road and gauge is pretty good.
    • Dear Sir, Please have a look at gradient applied....please let me know what you think and it will be great help if you tell me your preferred color combination......thanks

  • To Contest Holder: I submitted a new design, #45. Please take a moment to give any feedback. Thank you for your time. -Mike
  • Hi CH, Looking forward for your kind feedback about #34 and #15. Thanks.
  • Dear Sir, could you please give me feedback on #37? also, which programming language your company work on? is it web related? any advise will be appreciated.
  • Hi, Thanks for your submission. I am looking for something without too many gradients or text effects. See #15. It use gradients, but it is very subtle. Also, I am not sure I like how the opposing D's are executed. It is a good idea though. Thanks again.
    • To contest holder: Thank you for the response and feedback, I will try to go in a different direction and re-submit.

  • Hello Contest Holder, Just submitted design #32 Please leave feedback if you have a moment. I am willing to make changes as well if you are interested. Thank you very much for the opportunity. -Mike
  • Dear Sir ...... Please have a look at #22(Here-in the d- right vertical curve line is like a way and left portion is showing the intensity of drifting).....I am permitted to submit designs only 3 times, so every single submission is very important for me............there is a slight unwanted mistake in the first (placement in the d) design ..which i can solve in my next submission.....other than that your kind and informative direction may help me to reach what you want..........I believe this logo is simply great in any background(colored..or white and black) and it can represent your brand identity like apple or McDonald's throughout the world........thanks
  • Good color choices, but it is hard to distinguish the letters.
  • Hi Ch, Check my #68 entry. Feedback is appreciated. Good luck. :-)
  • Hello, I was just wondering if I could get feedback for #50 and what you didn't like about it? Thank you!
    • Thank you for your submission Megan. I thought the text was a little too skewed. I'm just looking for something without text transformation. Thanks again.