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Winning design #63 by GJR, Logo Design for DickensBuilt Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

i am a Residential Home Builder that builds speculative homes as well as custom homes. I recently developed a website at www.dickensbuilt.com...As you can see, I have started to brand my company under the hashtag #dickensbuilt. This came about as i started using social media with the hashtag #Dickensbuilt. The hashtag started to gain a lot of popularity and it led to home sales. This is when I decided that my business would be branded as #dickensbuilt as best seen on my website. I am looking for a logo that incorporates the feel of the website with the hashtag. I am leaning more towards an icon feel which will work well in social media alongside my social media driven business name/hashtag. I would prefer the logo to be free of words, though incorporating the letters "d" and "b" would possibly be of interest. The logo should be very catchy, though simple. I plan on extending the marketing of my brand with stickers and t-shirts.

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  • i really like the direction youre going w this. i like the simplicity and icon feel. is there a way to incorporate the hashtag or rearrange the 'd' and 'b' ? the 'd' and 'b' together look like something else(if you know what i mean).need to revise a little. good initial effort and i really like it
    • GJR

      Great - thanks for the feedback. I'll work on your suggestions. Thank you.

    • btw...i really like your personal logo. the simplicity and creativity are impressive and thats what im going for..we can leave out wording and just work on the actual icon itself. thanks

    • GJR

      Thank you! I've submitted a new concept for you - #4. If you like it then I can try incorporating it with the house?

    • not sure i understand it... maybe try leaving out hashtag and reconfiguring the original 'house with 'd' and 'b'

    • heres a thought,,,if you had a shaded out house(maybe black) and a shaded out hashtag(white) over it, then somehow incorporated a 'd' and a 'b' ...does that make sense?

    • GJR

      I think that could work. #4 is just a hashtag made to show the letters db but it's not clear enough - I rushed it a bit :) I'll take a bit more time to think about how best to approach this. Thank You.

    • GJR

      Hi - I've submitted #7. It's a variation on #4 - I hope you forgive me for that but I think this one works much better!

  • Logo #6 is just an italicized version of Logo #5 :) Just a little change to give it a slightly more hashtag look. Thanks!
  • getting rid of hashtag and focusing on 'd' and 'b' and the house...trying to keep it sleak and simple
  • my thoughts are to get rid of hash tag all together bc its too busy and focus on the 'd' and 'b' and the house...figuring out a way to make it simple yet w out the feaux pa
  • i keep coming back to this simple yet very eye catching logo. i cant figure out how to NOT make it look like 'profanity'...i love the simplicity and the balance.
    • GJR

      I must confess that now you have pointed out the shape I can see it - the danger is that we start looking for that formation that rather than actually looking at a design as a whole. I've submitted a couple of new variations which I believe break up the shape but no matter what I do with this design the shape will exist although the proportions may make it more unlikely that anyone will ever make that connection. I could also make the curves on the letters d and b more angular but if you are still seeing profanity then you will never be completely happy with the logo design and there's no solution other than to look at other alternatives. Ultimately I want you to be 100% happy with whatever logo you chose.

  • Hi CH, I submitted #14, #16, #17, #18 and #19 and would like to hear your opinion
  • About #38 - I created an additional logo for your review utilizing the 'D' and 'B' initials to form a house. Cheers, PaintedPony
  • Hi I created three concepts, simple iconic element and text. Please check #35, #36 and #37. feedback is welcome. Regards Andrei
  • Hi Chris~ I created a couple logos for your consideration that are clean and simple and feature a 'D' and 'B' combined at an angle to form a 3/4 view of a stylized house. The icon can also be used separately throughout your marketing. Hope you like the concept: #27 #28 Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • will you provide a version w '#DICKENSBUILT' underneath the icon? and also show a version w chimney on other side of house?
    • GJR

      Hi. I've submitted versions #63, #64 and #73. Thanks!

    • you win...great work