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Winning design #90 by savina, Logo Design for diepinter Contest
Gold Medal

designed by savina

Project description

We are a small PR-/Promotion, Event- and Marketing agency, serving smaller to medium businesses mainly, but work with/for multinational companies/brands on a cooperative leven and which we acquire also as sponsors for local events.

Clientwise we are not limited or focussed on specific industry sectors, they come from may different areas. Due to our work and media-partners we also work with, we want to be conceived in the area of media, ad-/communication agency and creative services.

The company name is „diepinter“ which derives from the MD/CEO Ms. Claudia PINTER, who is the main point of contact to our clients.



We prefer a clean and minimalistic (flat) design approach.

Our concept/idea for the new logo would be a 2 color word-logo.

The logo can play with the name „pinter“ (the „die“ in „diepinter“ means „the“, so basically the company name translated would be „thepinter“) and – for instance – with a dot/cube or dots/cubes (e.g. http://die.pinter or diepinter.)

Optionally we would also like to see & appreciate entries with an additional graphic/type/abstract mark (also a dot/a cube?) that we can use either together with the word-logo or by itself (e.g. on the backside of business cards, as a sticker, etc.

We will need variations of the logo for use as b/w logo but also for light and dark backgrounds.

To look up the current (apps-style logo) pls. go to website http://www.diepinter.at

To get an impression of MD/CEO pls google photos from „claudia pinter wien“

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  • thanks for your entries - however, the designs are great, but too avantgarde for us - sorry! #126
  • Hello Sir,
    Can you please give me feedback for the design, or maybe stars, so i will know how to improve it before the end of the contest?
    Thanks! #128
  • 1tm

    Hello Sir,.. It will be my pleasure to work for you.. I appreciate your feedback... With Regards... #127
  • thanks for the design, but this is too far from our expectations #79
  • thanks for the design, but a local web-agency here uses similar cubest in their logo #104
  • thanks for the entry, but this is too playful and retro for us. #115
  • thanks for the design, but this is far too 3D #84
  • @diepinter =) #111
  • Hi @diepinter - Please give me your feedback sir. Thanks! =) #110
  • Hi CH, Please see entry #103 & #104 for your feedback thanks
  • The outside shape D gives accent to the P inside
    "the Pinter" #88, #89, #90, #94
  • diepinter logo #92
  • Here is my first proposal, hope you like it, let me know if you need further modifications to it. Thanks #91
  • diepinter logo #87
  • diepinter logo #86
  • diepinter Logo #85
  • Please give me feedback to make any changes. Thanx :D #84
  • Another Options #83
  • another options #82
  • this entry is removed because http://www.displayport.org/the-new-dp-logo-program/ #31
    • @sharie Hi.. I'm appreciate what you do that, I made not on the element of intent, I just exploration. I also don't know if I've made the same design.. thank you for the notification

    • @vart4riony I understand. Just try to make it different than the the one from link, the ch can't copyright this as is and from the rating points , ch like this Thank you for understanding