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Our contest didn't attract a lot of designers, but the point is that it got the attention of designer,who understood our idea completely and was willing to work through all the process to getting our ideal logo - so we are really in love with the result :)


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Winning design #31 by operhal, Logo Design for Dietific - diet catering and consult brand Contest
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designed by operhal

Project description

Hello, I'm starting a brand, that is supposed to be a brand of a diet / functional catering, paired with complex consultations on diets, changing lifestyle and training to either get the results a client wants or simply help them eat healthy due to their dietary needs (alergies, diabetes and such). The name of the brand is DIETIFIC, which came from merge of words DIET and SCIENTIFIC. The reason for that is that it will be run by two professionals, one with Masters degree and other with Phd in functional foods - so we'd like to approach the subject from scientific point of view without all that bullshit dietary myths and solutions that some people are trying to sell as a miracle diets. However - the target customer is someone who can afford all-day-catering care, so either young proffesionals, or older people who want take care of their bodies with the right diet and lifestyle, or have some digestive / alergy problem. Because of that target the marketing strategy is highly dependand on internet and on making the serious scientific take on it a bit lighter and humoristic, without loosing the authority. So - logo - we imagine it to be something that may or may not - knowing the brief I count on your creativity - depicts: brand name, connection to fitness, healthy eating, and science, maybe with some indication that we're not only counseling on the subject but also deliver food. I think of it as not too loud, but intense enough to catch the eye. It might also indicate that healthy eating can be sexy :) I imagine it as something that can be used as a whole and turned into just a graphic sign, that we can use like a 'stamp' (but it doesn't have to be like that if you have another idea). And - as much as it has to be elegant, I dont want it to look sad or lawyer serious, since our motto (translated from polish in which language it will be used) is 'Your daily dose of well-being' (in polish it can be a word-play meaning phisycal well being and good humour at the same time). As to colours - It has to have some green in it, and also some colour that translates into sport / fitness. Now, all that suggestions can be overlooked if it means incredible logo design that will fit the business description :)

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  • Hi, we wanted to give you some feedback on your design and thank you for submiting your idea. We like the idea in general, but there are some things that aren't great. So - here's what we do like: - subtle enlightning of a word 'diet', - reference to science, - reference to - what we gather, should be a slim woman silhuette. And here what we think isn't right just yet with your design: - silhuette is not that obvious even to us and we know what it's supposed to be - it's more like a chess figure, especially because of the colour, - orbitals and atoms that orbit her, nice idea, but it doesn't really say science sublty enough - we don't know how to explain it better... Maybe instead we can suggest that an orbital made with measuring tape or orbital that has some food as atoms would be a better idea? We hope this feedback will help you come up with something that'll dazzle us :)
    • Thank you very much for the feedback! I will keep working on the logo with all of this in mind and post another draft shortly.

  • We like this logo best so far - it has nice coloring, it looks nice and sharp on both black and white background. It references to science nicely but subtly - thanks to that probe, and the D makes a nice apple, and adds more life to the design. One thing that could be - if you can come up with an idea how to do it without breaking the integrity of a logo - better would be if the word 'diet' stood out from the rest of a whole word a bit. Overall - great idea and quality logo :)
    • Thank you so much for your great and constructive feedback! :) As designer I really appreciate that. I will post soon new version so you can say what you think about it. Best regards

    • Thanks, we just saw the new design - like we predicted - this way it has plus and minus sides - on plus is that 'diet' is highlighted, wich makes the logo pointing more into what we do, on minus side however is that now the D/apple doesnt stand out as nicely as it did in previous version, althoush we suppose we could still use just that D as a 'stamp' shotrened version of our logo (as just a graphic mark). So - it's good to see the options, though it'll take some sleeping on it, to decide which design speaks to us more :)

    • Hello again, I changed font to more readable one #8 - and maybe you will like this one better. I made stand alone icon for you to see.

    • The stand alone icon is pretty great - adding the probe to it is awesome idea. As to font - that's also something we have to think through, cause it's hard to say, especialy that we already got use to the look of first proposition :)

  • Denis, we liked the idea that you tried to incorporate those arms holding the sign, the way cutlery (fork, spoon and knife) kind of make a torso to those arms. We don't really think, that we need to incorporate 'Diet catering and ....' text into the logo - especialy if the logo will be used on a business card - the letters would be too small. Also - with your choice of dark background, they're not that visble, and so is the 'dietific' part when gradient goes darker in the bottom of the letters (not that big of a problem though). As to the letters in 'dietific' it's too simple. So - to summarise - we like some of your ideas, but the logo in general isn't what we're looking for. We hope that insight will help you make it more attractive design for us :)
    • Dear CH, thank you for the feedback. I will take these comments on board and will present you with a new design very shortly with the changes you requested. Denis

    • We've read our comment once more, as we see we failed to mentioned one more thing that we wanted too - those arms, however we like the idea, aren't ideal in design - it's not that obvious what are they, and - to make the reference work - it should be more recognizable.

  • Dear CH, I have just submitted my first design idea #5. Any color variations can be changed if you wish to see them. The quality can also be improved if needed. Looking forward to any feedback you may have. Kind Regard, Denis
  • Dear CH, I'm currently working on an idea for a design, do you have any specific color or color scheme preferences for the logo and your company? Kind Regards Denis Brzozowski
    • Dear Denis, like we said in our brief - we dont have specyfic color scheme on mind - it kind of depends on design, but we have a few pointers: 1 - something in a shade of green, possibly 'live' green - as it associates the logo nicely, 2 - we dont want it to be monochromatic - we think at least 2 colours, other than black and white (so at least one if we say green is obligatory), 3 - we want the design to not be too 'loud' but we DO want it to be 'alive' and give positive feedback, not 'cold' or 'stuck-up' one. I hope this answers your question?

    • Dear CH thanks for the comment. Yes this very much so answers my question. I will have an idea ready for you soon. Dziekuje serdecznie.

  • Hi! Thank you for your submission - we like the general direction - the lettering and colors - though we think it may be a little more 'alive'. Also - we feel that your design points us more towards 'organic' food, which isn't exactly our direction - leaf is more of a herbal connection in our opinion. Also - the fact that 'c' is highlighted this way doesn't really mean much (unless we'd try to spin it into 'catering' somehow), but we think that separating diet+ific somehow like that would be better. I hope this feedback will help to set your creativity into the direction we have in mind :)
  • Hi, Thanks for your entry. As a feedback I can tell you that this isn't what we're looking for - the logo is too simple, to mellow, we definitely need something more alive, and I think with at least two colors. Also - it doesn't really suggest almost anything about what we're doing (except that it has something to do with food). I hope this feedback will help you get your creative mind into the direction that'll meet ours :)
  • Thanks for that new take on the logo - you're bringing it closely to perfection :) At first we wasn't so sure about more straight lettering of the 'ietific' part, but seeing it in small size made us realize that this way, even if maybe not as unique as the previous font, it is morereadable even at very small size, so we assumed that's a plus. And 'D' in this form is a great sign - as a part of the whole phrase and as a separate grapic identification of our brand. There is one thing we think we'd like you to try and make for us to see (especialy if you think it could be as nice and neat as this) - we were thinking what if the '|' part of 'D', along with the green part above would make into a green schematic woman, doing some form of fitness, the green parts being her hand and head) - that way there would also be a fitness part of it, the metric tape would be wrapped around her, and it would be good for big 'D' and for 'D' in a whole name. We'd like to see how it compares to 'D' with green tape or probe. If we didn't explain it in a way that you understood - tell us, we'd be happy to try and sketch some schematic so it will be more understandable :)
    • You explain great and I understand what you meant. I was thinking about that as well and I will be happy to present that idea. I will post that soon. Thanks!:)

    • Hi again, I made that version so please check #16 and let me know is that you have in mind. :)

    • Not exactly - we ment that 'silhuette' to be even more sketch - like a suggestion. Something more along this way - And with that, we thought that stalk and leaf of our big 'D' fruit might be somehow incorporated into this silhuette - separate, but acting as a part of it. If we're not describing it right maybe we can draw and show it to you somehow?

    • Yes please sketch it for me :) It would help me to understand correctly. Thanks!

    • Not very ideal, but should give you the general idea, you should be able to make it right :) We uploaded it to brief.

    • Thanks! I understand now :) i will make correction and post it soon as possible.

    • I did it. And I hope that is close to your idea so please check #17 and let me know.

    • Yes, it is pretty close to what we was thinking about, but after seeing it we have two concerns, that maybe you have an idea how to adress :) But first we'd also like to point out that we like more - as a base for further versions maybe, the one on top. 1 - it seems that this figurine is a bit 'thin' which makes it less visible, and not that much fitting into a 'fat' line of rest of the 'D'. In ones with metric tape or probe, it was more bald, and more, how to put it, outstanding? In this idea - thin line of figurine doesnt correspond that well with fat line of metric tape that makes up rest of 'D'. So - perhapsyou can figure out a way to make it fit that 'fatness' more? The trick would be though to still make it look 'in good shape' so it will still bring sexy and sport body to mind, not fat one. 2 - adding a second leaf looks like a bit too much - the asymetry of one leaf looked better we think. So maybe the solution would be to pose the figurine in a way that it's left part wouldnt go above the top curve of 'D' - so the only things above 'D' would be one leaf and stalk? If you come up with a way to make it this way - we'd be happy to see it :) Reason for that being that the probe in 'ific' part of a wholesentence is very nice, but the probe in big 'D' - used as separate grahic sign, however it looks nice, fits and impressive might be seen as a pointer to the fact that we don't make natural food - cause without the whole story about our scientific approach it makes it hard to decipher.

    • Thank you for your comment. I will be working on those correction later this day. I am going out of my town but i will bring laptop and I can make corrections. best regards

    • I tried to make corrections as you asked, but it is little bit difficult to make figurine bold and still in a good shape :) please check #22 and let me know what you think, I will keep trying until we found the best one. :)

  • Dear ppogon, thank you for your rating! Is there anything you would like to change? Improve? Please let me know. :) best regards
  • Dear Denis, Thank you for your newest take on our logo - we think it's pretty nice, though it still brings more of a nametag on mind than a modern logo - that goes mostly for the version on top. The version on black, without the oval is better, thoug it doesn't really feel as a whole. And just the graphic sign - cutlery - isn't that uniqe that it could be used separately. So - keep trying, if you have any new ideas, we're always happy to see them - but this logo is good, but it's not best in this contest at the moment :)
    • Thank you for the feedback yet again :) I'm glad this one is more along the lines of your taste. I will work on an improvement shortly

  • Thank you for your entry, it just isn't what we imagined for our logo, definitely too much pink, and not enough of any of our qualities that distinguish us from any other local diet catering company - science approach and helth / fitness of it. We hope you'll get it more in the lines of our needs next time :)
  • Thank you for your updated design - the coloring is improved, and we see you took our suggestions under consideration. Hovewer, it still isn't exactly what we want - though it's hard to put it into words, cause there's nothing wrong with design, it's just not 'the one':) So - if you wish, please try again, but unfortunately this isn't 'our' logo :)
  • Dear CH, my new idea #9 is the results of your comments and a little bit of new imagination. The last logo showed the arms which pointed more towords fitness where as the new one is more about the diet and health (also as I believe you said in the brief, 'well-being') I hope you like some aspects of the logo. Please give feedback on the new proposal. Thank you Denis
    • Dear Denis - we find your new idea a bit too much health-care related and, to be honest - in general not very appealing. Previous idea was more along the line of our thinking, and - as we pointed out, had some nice ideas in them. This one kind of lacks that quality. Sorry, but this is not what we're looking for :)

    • Thanks for the feedback I will try to go more in the direction of the first design :)

    • May I just ask did you prefer the font of the second design?

    • Not realy - you might have noticed that what we prefer is actually sans serif font, though the fact that it wasn't just all caps helped a little.

  • Thanks for your proposition, but it doesn't sit anywhere near what we imagine and want. We don't really get how that logo would say anything about what we do, even the lettering is not very clear. So thank you, but thisdesign isn't what we're looking for.
    • Thank you for feedback. I'll try to take right direction in next logo for you.

  • Thanks for your entry - it's nice in quality,but it doesn't meet our needs for what our logo should say :)
  • I think orange and green is better choice after seeing that - so - just that outline in the base of figurine, and we'll be done I think :)
    • ok, but can you please explain more outline around figurine i am not sure that i understand corectly. :-)

    • I mean that you added yesterday outline / white border aroung the figurine like I asked, but at the base (bottom) - where legs start (come from behind 'D' metric tape) - there's no border. And that's the only thing missing :)

    • Hello again, I understand what you meant but outline is white and on the part where is figurine legs is white background so it is not visible. On black background I made outline black. I hope that you understand what I mean. :) You can see example in this entry #29

    • I understand, but that's not what I ment - I like #28 - what I ment about the outline is that there's a lack of it in just one place - i circled it red and uploaded the picture into brief - this way I guess we'll understand each other better :)

    • I am really truly sorry but I still dont understand what you mean :)(english is not my first language and sometimes I have problem to figure out what client mean) :) would you try to explain me once time more :)

    • I think I figure out :)) Please check #31 and let me know

    • Indeed you figured it out :) Helpdesk didn't answer my question yet, so I'll wait till tomorrow with endingthe contest, but I have nothing more to change or improve - so, I guess that's it in the matter of logo :)

  • Hello Piotr, there is a version with white figurine outline as well as version on black and white background. Please check #27 and let me know is there anything else I can do. Thanks!
    • Honestly I don't think there's anything that can, and what's more important - needs to be done :) I'd say this is our logo. Unless you dont mind - just out of curiosity, trying to change orange into red - so it would match our company logo (I will put it in brief in a second) - though I dont think it will look better than orange, so if you don't think it's nececary to even look at it that way we'll finish the contest :) I just need to consult DC live chat about some formal stuff, and that will be it. And - since we basicly have our winner, I wanted to ask you if you also design websites? (I know you do from time to time from your portfolio.) If you do - we'd probably like to makesome arrangement with you in that matter, I would just like for you to tell me if you only do design or do you also do - or have someone you're working with - do the actual page - in means of writing the code. I have some pretty specyfic ideas how I want it too look, and work, my one concern would be that the page is supposed to be in polish, so I don't know if that - in the matter of code - wouldn't be too troubling, but maybe not? I'm hoping to hear from you about that also :)

    • Okay, I uploaded our company logo - the red I was thinking about is on apostrophe between compl and eat :)

    • Oh, and one more detail concerning #27 that I didn't see before - figure lacks a outline in the base - where is comes from behind bottom part of 'D'.

    • Hi Piotr, I am glad to hear that you are complety satisfied with my design and I am happy to hear that you will pick my logo. But I will not be able to finish corrections you asked for right now (i am going back to my town in 30minutes) but I need to inform you that when you choose winning design you will have 7 more days to work on corrections. I am happy to make those correction :) I am able also to make design for website but I am not able to do coding :(

    • Okay then, as soon as I sort out formal stuff with helpdesk here I'm finishing the contest and - I'm guessing tomorrow you'll be able to finish the corrections? And I will probably want you to design our website as well, I just need to find someone to code it first, to ensure smooth cooperation :)

    • I will be able to make correction in a few hours or sooner:) Thank you again it was pleasure to work on this contest. :)

  • I think we're almost there :) The top version should be the reference point from now on, it just better than with the leg separating line. So - the top one. Minor adjustments - if you could make gradient of color on the figurine more so the top part will be darker green, so it will differ from leaf and stalk - so it will somehow distinguish that a bit more, but just minor correction, we wouldn't want to overdo it. Also - I wouldn't mind seeing a tiny bit wider waistline, but just a few pixels - so that curves will still stay nice and curvy. Maybe it wouldn't be even recognizable if it's only a pixel or few, but it kind of feels right for me :) Or maybe just gradiation of colour will do it? And another thing - I've watched the logo first time in full size, and I've noticed the scale on 'D' is grey and goes out of the line of 'D' - I'm assuming in final draft all that will be outside the line of 'D' will be erased?
    • Hi, I made correction - so please check #26 waistline is more wider right now and colors are as you suggest :) I removed grey lines in scale..:)

    • Okay Selma, I think we're there - one more suggestion (I know I'm a pain in the ass) - I think it would be nice if the figurine had white border around it in area where it passes the top part of 'D' like the logos with probe and green metric scale had. Unless I'm mistaken :) And with that - I'd appreciate if you put it into white and black background, as a whole and just 'D' (like you did before with few of drafts) and we'll sleep on it to see if we have any other suggestions - cause for now we don't, and then tomorow we'll call it our logo (and a winner :)) - how about that?

    • no problem i will do that first thing in the morning cos i am already in bed :-)

    • Great, then good night :)

  • Well, to be honest it didn't turn out the way i was hoping, so male figurine is still no. 1. What I thought is that maybe you would be able to leave the guy's legs and somehow (with a curve - however, since whole figurine is rather sharp - maybe not as a curve, but more towards sometriangular shape?), somehow make it so that figurine has breasts - that would be enough? Olso, other idea that came to me after looking at those last logos - maybe we could also not separate two legs but make it into one and just signal the separation by short white line in between - this way it will be more of a block, and will fit even more the 'D'. And something I don't quite agree with, but I thought maybe it's worth mentioning since my wife pointed that out - the stalk as a head is manly and doesn't fit woman. It doesn't bother me really, since if changed it wouldn't look like a stalk, but I'm just mentioning it :)
    • Hi again, how about this one #25 it is more woman like :) please let me know what you think:)

  • Dear ppogon, there is another version for you to see #23, I read all your comment and I will made correction. I understand what you meant and I really want to make version that we will like both. :)
    • Well, for start - call me Piotr :) And about the design - it seems you got it right :) It's so far the closest thing to what I imagined - if my previous coments gave you some new idea, new take on the figurine - I'd be happy to see that idea put to a logo, though #23 is really close to perfection :) Also - I wonder if it would be possible to try and make #23 into a femal figurine? Maybe by simply putting a little white curve indicating a bust into the right place? Out of curiosity which one would look better I'd love to see this version also. And really thank you for your effort so far, it's a real pleasure working with you on that logo :)

    • You can call me Selma :) I happy to hear that this new version is very close. I will make some curves and post it soon as possible. :) Your comments are very useful and it is my pleasure to work with you too. :)

    • HI Piotr, there is a version with some curves in woman silhouette so please check version #24 and let me know what you think! :)