Digital Design Clothing Co. - needs a Clever Optical Illusion Logo that is Cutting Edge!

I love how the logo turned out it was exactly what we were looking for! The designer was a pleasure to work with and very talented. The DesignContest Support was very friendly, affordable and the whole process was streamlined and easy to use. I will be returning in the future!

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Winning design #62 by kuci_inc, Logo Design for Digital Design Clothing Co. - needs a Clever Optical Illusion Logo that is Cutting Edge! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kuci_inc

Project description

We are looking for a logo design that has an OPTICAL ILLUSION: it looks one way at first glance, but if you look closer there is a hidden submittal design. Please See the “Spartan Golf Club Logo” on Google and note how at first look it is a head of a Spartan Warrior and at closer look appears to be a golfer swinging a golf club.

The logo should be very clever, cutting edge, and eye catching, creative and include elements of 3d design or gradient shading.

The Logo Should Have the company name "ArtRoyalTee" and the tagline "Crown Yourself". For the elements of the optical illusion should include a T-shirt, A crown, the symbolism of the name, description of the company and should visually represent what it means to “Crown Yourself.”

A suggestion, but not requirement for the logo iteration could be a illustrated character that who is a king, with a sword that is also a stylus, or pencil. This is one example of visually representing what it means to “Crown Yourself”.

The logo NEEDS to be something that visually represents a strong design brand. It will be used on the website and printed on the tag of EVERY T-shirt we sell. It should be a Mark of superior design excellence. It should be a symbolic stamp of approval. We need a great logo so it can attract the best artists to submit graphic designs and graphic illustrations on T-Shirts.

**Please keep in mind the Design and colors of the website view here Feel free to use other colors that might go along with the website color scheme, or a 3d feel.

*Please include a comment with the description of the optical illusion.

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  • Dear CH, Here is our new variant #16. Guess where T-shirt is? :)
  • Hangers are not exactly the product symbol we're looking for. I would like to leave the creativity up to you, but Maybe encorporation of a hidden t shirt or something along the lines of social, self marketing, or a illustration/character who represents the mantra "crown yourself," something that whole wholeheartedly represents a strong design brand. Please check out the spartan golf club logo it is one of my favorites. I hope this feedback was helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions and please submit another design! Thanks :)
  • Thanks for the feedback, CH. Please see #10 for the second iteration you requested. I hope hangers are an acceptable symbol for the product. I wasn't sure just how litteral you were looking to be. Further feedback is always appreciated. Thanks!
  • Thank You for your design entry! the text "yourself" should be one word, and I would like to see what other ideas you have for this logo. One revision I would like to see is the "artists" on the crown to look more elegant, they appear a little cartoony/childish. I am going for a more upscale creative look. Thanks :)!!!!!!!!
  • Interesting Design, I like the text of this. I encourage you to submit an additional design with another graphic
  • Thank You for your design submission! I would like to see some of you other ideas. Could you also do an iteration with a t shirt as point of crown and additional text styles. Thanks :)!!!
  • Thank you for the submission, this was not the direction I wanted to go in. Please submit a new logo thanks! :)
  • Thank you for you design submission, This was not the direction I was going in, please submit another idea
  • Dear ch, here's another rendition on my design. thank you. hope to hear from you.
  • Dear ch, here is my first logo entry. i hope you'll like the optical illusion i prepared for you. The concept is a crow on a far look, but when you look closely, you can see a group of artist with a crown joining hands together. the most recognizable object used in this design is a shirt, to achieve a compelling logo. i hope you appreciate the thought. i love the challenge you put in this contest. thank you.
  • Dear CH, #1 and #2 are our variants of your logo. It is T-shirt & Crown Hope you like it
  • tgp
    ch, on #18 and #17 there were t-shirt, but its werent enought clear? or it has to b in vertical? thanks
  • Thank you for your submission but this is not the direction we were going in. Please submit another idea.
  • Dear ch, pls check. my deepest apologies on my previous mistake, here is my revised design. i hope you like it. thanks.
  • this is an optical illusion... at first is a king's head but if you look closely it is a "stick-man" crowning himself...
  • Thank you for your design submission. I would like to see what other ideas you have for this project. I have updated the project description, please take a look at that. This is not the direction we are going for
  • Thank you for your submission, please submit another idea this is the wrong direction
  • Your moving toward the right direction but for the optical illusion both views should be flawless. you can kind of see a face, and the t shirt and crown doesn't look like something that could represent a strong design brand
  • please submit another logo design idea. Thank you for your first submission
  • Dear ch, check this out. heres another concept. i hope you like it. pls comment. thanks.