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Winning design #165 by Pomegraphix, Logo Design for Dipzillia Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Pomegraphix

Project description

here at Dipzilla we will be offering liquid wrap services, hydrographics, spray on chrome, and auto detailing. please see links for idea on what were offering
liquid wrap-
spray on chrome-
auto detailing-

 good luck, and cant wait to see what you come up with ..

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  • About #165, @Pomegraphix

    congrats you are the winner
  • Hi, is it Dipzilla or Dipzillia?
  • Here's a mockup as well. Hope you like it. Good luck #160
  • How about this one.. #159
  • do you see the bright red one on the bottom I like that one #143
  • Here's my adjustment using brighter red. Hope you like it. Good luck #158
  • bright red and different background #155
  • About #155, @Pomegraphix don't like the white background
  • I change the name to DIPZILLA and I Change the godzilla. Thanks #153
  • Dear CH,

    With this design I tried to unite the name of the company and the job you do. I hope you like it. #137
  • I have change the orange to bright red. What do you think ? #115
  • the following are the top 25 that we like please continue adding new ideas. we like all of the following . so lets see what yall have in store thanks
  • little bit more creativity #112
  • could you change orange to bright red? #111
  • im liking them more and more. yall get me to where I will be like WOW that is amazing.( which I am already, but I want my jaw to drop). picture it like this, your on the interstate and you are going 75 mph and you only have a few seconds to see this logo and be amazed by what the logo is about and what it means..

  • Logo #97
  • Glad to hear any feedback #92
  • pretty nice lets have a bright red back ground #84
  • pretty cool but were going with the dragon and paint theme #87
  • pretty neat, could you have the dragon a little more realistic #89