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great designer-very quick and talented and...very patient as I'm picky and tend to ask many questions and changes:) A+++

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Winning design #134 by archinla, Logo Design for Direct Job Market Contest
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designed by archinla

Project description

Looking for a modern, clean logo for a job portal.

Creative, simple, modern, brilliant-please!

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  • hi there, can you do the last one with market as #107 font in dark blue? also if you could make DJ side logo little bit smaller?
  • can you maybe comeback to market font from #107 and just make 2 versions: 1 with light blue and 1 with dark blue and we will see which one looks better.
    ps. what do you think about arrow??does it look better on top or bottom? or without? let me know
  • market is little bit too thick now..can you maybe try to change market color for one of the blue's above to see how it looks? also I think it has to be cursive, so you can't connect on the bottom. can you do arrow on top of T like #120? Try to keep colors of #107 and keep smaller logo like in #121 and check what we can do with Market as for colors. that would be the job I think
  • i think I like #107 colours better. maybe I would make Market thicker and/or cursive? maybe try to make JD logo (on the side) little smaller? and see how you can connect T and J with arrow (similar to #114) if you can do arrow with TJ we can skip one in the logo. if not-we can do logo, but mainly smaller. thanks #120
  • Please feedback my design,,
    Thanks,, #119
  • Please feedback my design,,
    Thanks,, #118
  • Hi, CH...
    Is this what you mean? #113
  • cool. also could you maybe try 2 things: make the arrow little bit smaller/lower and intergate arrow between T and J (kind of a bridge of an arrow to connect to letters together). I hope you know what I mean:) If not-shoot me an email! great job so far!
  • ps. I would rathe prefer logo on the side than on top.
  • hi there. I like both, can't decide on colors, etc. can you maybe make few versions of different color combinations (mainly with blue?). also could you add arrow for the blue version and also change fonts, style of the letters? thanks. #109
    • About #109, @pvogelsinger I will be glad to make those edits for you. Late here Sundat night Pacific Time. I will get on it first thing tomorrow, Monday. Thanks for the feedback. Any and all feedback helps me help you!

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  • can you try to make "Job" little thicker? think it looks little bit too slim as for now.. #81
    • About #81, @pvogelsinger good idea ;)

  • cool. can you give few more versions with different fonts, etc? #81