Dirt Days

Absolutely awesome experience with DesignContest! I had several colleagues reference using this site for logo/branding work and everyone talked about how flawless and easy the process was. They were right! We had nearly 60 different designs submitted for our festival logo from all over the world. Being able to communicate with designers was fantastic and we ended up with a logo we'll use for a very long time. We'll be back on here for the next time we need a logo, without a doubt!

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Winning design #56 by MoTau, Logo Design for Dirt Days  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by MoTau

Project description

Dirt Days is an ATV/UTV(Side-By-Side)/Dirtbike Festival that will be held in Williamson, West Virginia on April 26th, 27th, and 28th 2019.  The festival's goal is to attract folks to come ride the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System that is connected to the city of Williamson. The festival will feature a parade, numerous vendors pertaining to the off-road industry, concerts, a mud pit, and other outdoor entertainment items. This is the 1st year of what we hope will become an annual event. 

Williamson is nestled in the heart of the Appalachain Mountains so we feel this logo/design should definitely encapsulate mountains that are somewhat accurate to our area (meaning, we don't have snowy peaks here or massive mountains like the Rockies). Williamson is also home to a large rail road yard and has numerous ties to the Coal Industry (including the world famous "Coal House". Williamson is considered to be "The Heart of the Billion Dollar Coalfield"......something coal/railroad related may be considered a design element too! 

Additionally, the city of Williamson is known for its large floodwall that protects the downtown area. We will attach a photo below of this....we may want to see it incorporated into a design somehow to have a "geographical identifier" in the logo. The digital version of the wall would NOT have to be the same or exact color the wall actually is (we know that brown is not very attractive). 

We are open to any color suggestions for the overall design. 

Lastly, we would likely prefer to leave any date(s) off the logo
so that we could use this futuristically. We would like to have the city/state names included. 

*Update 1/14/19- would like to see various color schemes. Getting a lot of the same thing, which isn’t necessarily bad but we’d like to see variety*

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  • I hope no YOu Like it t #51
  • I hope you like it sir #50
  • About #44, @MoTau Additionally, we dont want to include the date(s) so we can use this in future years.
    • Hello @wes_tvcc I still use the natural scenery that I took from a photo of the city of Williamson, West Virginia as a background. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Interesting take on this and like the use of the coal house outline! Unique for sure! Would like to see a different color scheme and different background image behind the ATV/Dirtbike. Potentially a different font for the "Dirt Days" portion as well. #44
  • Like the overall shape but the festival incorporates ATV's and UTV's as well. We would need to include those machines in the artwork too. #43
  • Hey I hope You like it this logo .... please must give review #43
  • Really like the direction you took this using
    the mountain as the top portion.
    Would like to see “Dirt Days” in a different font
    And if possible, try a completely different color
    scheme. Would just like to see some variation
    in colors. #36
  • Like these but would like to see them
    in a completely different color scheme
    to have some variation. #30
  • Would like to see this in a different color scheme, see “dirt days” in a different font.
    Also, because the festival included ATV’s
    and side by sides, we would need at least one
    Of the two types of machines added to the logo. #32
  • *Update 1/14/19- would like to see various color schemes. Getting a lot of the same thing, which isn’t necessarily bad but we’d like to see variety*
  • If you need any change please shoot me a text #32
  • I hope you like it #30
  • I hope you like it sir #29
  • Like the look of this design, but would like to see a different color scheme, different dirt bike/atv look and a different lower portion.
    Do like the mountains and use of the Coal house at the top! #26
  • Really like this, could we see it without the maroon? Just gold and black? #28
  • I hope you like it #26
  • please check it and feedback #18
  • please check it and feedback #17
  • please check it and feedback #16
  • please check it and feedback #15