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Project description

Disc Golf Black Market caters to the avid disc golf fan in pursuit of the best, limited-edition runs of the best discs on the market. DGBM is a gateway to exclusive releases of premium Legacy Discs that you will not find anywhere else. 

We are looking for a logo that is modern and elegant but still recognizable. We want the aesthetic to represent a professional style, clean lines with a two-color, black and silver palette. The design should include "Disc Golf Black Market" words (emphasis on BLACK MARKET) with a stylized logo of your choosing (symbol, character, etc..). Please do not use a basket or a disc in your designs. Chain links may be used. We kindly ask you to bring in as many ideas as you can.

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  • Please rate me #137
  • Please review. #133
  • Like the components there but dont like the chain as an "L" or the word "black" being more prominent than "market." They should be the same size. Thanks. #130
  • Love the pulse with the chain. The logo is not there yet though. The font should be thinner to allow for easy stamping and printing. Also, need a better placement for the pulse. It doesnt look clean enough. #128
  • I like the abstract idea in this work. Was looking for something new. Design needs a little something more to take it over the top too. #126
  • Like the barcode. It needs something more to take it over the top. Maybe moving the lines around or adding another element. #125
  • Need to focus on keeping "black" and "market" the same size. Also, too many other companies use circular chains. Best to use them another way. #123
  • About #127, the barcodes, if scanned with a barcode scanner would actually type in the words "Disc Golf" and "Black Market" on a computer.
  • We like some of the components of #65, #107 & #110, and of #72.

    We like the idea of a heart pulse in the form of a chain like in #72. It could use a better arrangement and new font.

    We like #107 and #110 because of the barcode. Thats an interesting concept.

    #65 we like the simplicity but not too sure what is in the bag.

    Please remember that the focus should be on the "Black Market" portion of the business not "Disc Golf." Thank you for all the work.
    • About #107, @DGBM > please check the new one : #114


    • @DGBM updated #72 (now #121) with different layout and font. Other designs incoming.

  • Check this out. Hoping to hearing from you soon. Thanks. #115
  • free for revisions #107
  • lhkhgkgkg #101
  • Thanks for the comments. Submitting some variations in design. Have a look please. #99
  • i hope you like it...^ ^ #87
  • Not looking for "Disc Golf Black Market" and "DGBM" to be in the same logo. Do like the style though. Maybe use chains instead of a solid line. #21
    • About #21, @DGBM

      thanks for the feedback, I will try to revise it in the next logo

  • Updated design #77
  • Updated design #76
  • No baskets please. Like the idea though. Maybe something else in the bag other than a basket. Disc is misspelled. #22
  • #2 revision #65
  • #1 revision #64