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Winning design #208 by goandre80, Logo Design for Disc Golf Black Market Contest
Gold Medal

designed by goandre80

Project description

Disc Golf Black Market caters to the avid disc golf fan in pursuit of the best, limited-edition runs of the best discs on the market. DGBM is a gateway to exclusive releases of premium Legacy Discs that you will not find anywhere else. 

We are looking for a logo that is modern and elegant but still recognizable. We want the aesthetic to represent a professional style, clean lines with a two-color, black and silver palette. The design should include "Disc Golf Black Market" words (emphasis on BLACK MARKET) with a stylized logo of your choosing (symbol, character, etc..). Please do not use a basket or a disc in your designs. 

After seeing many of the designs we would like the logo to include a "heart rate pulse" but in the form of a chain. Please include this in your design moving forward. Also, please make sure you use a unique thin-lined font. Thank you. 

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  • SIMPLE, please rate thanks :) #255
  • please rate , thanks :) #254
  • This one is simple and elegant for comercial use #252
  • arx
    Good Day CH

    Please see my entry #250
  • please check my job, thank you #246
  • Hi, this is another proposal with an umbrella market and an hole golf flag. :)


    Andrea #240
  • Your FeedBack Is Very Important #239
  • Hey @DGBM Could you review #181 & #189 for me please. If you like one of them, what could I change to make them better. Don't be shy if that's not your style :)
  • About #167, I would be more than happy to adjust fonts or make other revisions at your request.
    • @illogical000 Dont like the chains being mixed in with the letters.


    • @illogical000 Dont like the chains being mixed in with the LETTERS. Sorry.

  • Dear @DGBM
    Check Design #214
  • Would like to use a pulse with symmetry and different placement. Thanks. #211
  • Hi , here's my idea , a black crown as symbol of your black market.Thank you. #207
    • @cobalt I like the simplicity of the logo but we do not want to use a crown. Thank you.

  • Hi, I'm Andrea from Italy, in my proposal i've tried to symbolize two golf discs joined in a chain. If you like that feel free to contact me for improvements or corrections. Please use the zoom lens in the top for watch the image in full resolution.

    Cheers. Andrea. :) #208
    • @goandre80 Disc golf should be placed above Black Market. Use a different font. Something like the one in 207. I like the concept of the two discs joined to make a chain. The lines need to be thinner and more sharper angle, like the disc in 104. Thank you for you entry.

  • Contest has been extended 7 more days!
  • Revision on a couple from my first submission. I don't think the chain pulse goes with my design so I didn't do one. Thanks for looking. #184
  • About #35, @djdesain_printing simple
  • Logo idea #175, feedback is always appreciated
  • Tried a new concept #181
  • There it is I can modify as you wish, I tough the chain was a bit much :)
    I uploaded this one in a 72 PPI medium quality. So don't expect to print it, I have the original file with the vector. I can send you printable version as well as the vector version.

    If you don't understand all this, if you choose my design I will give you a package of all you need to print and use the logo in any size and format possible :) #170
    • @ANTOL Disc is misspelled and previous communications show they are not interested in the barcode.

    • @illogical000 Disc is mispelled for a reason, I'll "correct" it if I'm chosen otherwise you may get copyright issue if you build a portfolio with a brand / website / company name :)

      For the barcode, they said it was an interesting concept ! EDIT: yup you are right thank you ! I'll change :)

      Have fun making logo my friend

    • @ANTOL Just figured I'd give you a heads up. Not sure how spelling the name of the company correctly, while attempting to make them a logo, would get you in a copyright problem though :)

  • Same as other, I do have all the vectors and high quality images, will deliver if you choose me ! #171