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Winning design #129 by QUANG, Logo Design for DiscoverTorium Contest
Gold Medal

designed by QUANG

Project description

DiscoverTorium (one word) is a non-profit hands-on science and humankind museum for young people and adults. 

The logo should play with the single word "DiscoverTorium" which has an uppercase "D" and an uppercase "T".  TRY MAKING THE T ITALISIZED.

It could also say underneath "Museum of Science and Humankind", but this is optional. 

It should appeal to older young people such as teens and grades 4-8, and therefore not be too childish, but still be fun and creative.

We'd like something fairly simple that is playful and is not too busy. 

Playing with the shapes of the letters or the word itself is encouraged, but there should not be too much design of the letters to the point that it makes it difficult to read, and simple is better than busy.

We don't want too many colors because that increases printing costs.

Here is an example of a logo (Detroit Science Center) that we DO NOT like because it is WAY too busy with too many colors!


Here is one that we kind of like (Imaginosity) because it is simple and fun with not too many colors, and they have played with the font:

Key words:  discover, curiosity, inquisitive, imagine, playful, learning, fun, experimental, sensory, looking, thinking

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  • And there is an arrow to up down the logo, thats speaking "Come on and look there"
  • This is an interesting concept, could you make the head that has a beard look more like neanderthal? #135
  • Could all of the designers who did orange and black or orange and gray try some bright colors like orange and purple or green and purple? Thank you!! --CH
  • Please change words "science" and Humankind to orange in this design #80
  • Please use the microscope as the D, not the O #97
    • @DiscoverTorium, Sorry about the name mistake. Here are the fixed ones #130, #131, #132, #133

  • Can you do a face that looks like a happy child? #78
  • Could you please repost your first design? #32
  • These should not be two words #120
  • The D looks too much like a P in this one. #98
  • We have eliminated the designs that we don't like. This one is OK, but instead of the chemistry in the head of the D we would prefer a brain. #80
  • About #126, @CasualGraphics thinking maybe a beaker instead of a bottle? with 3 bubbles coming out? if interested let me know and I'll design it so you can take a look
  • as many edits as you want ok if you select my design #126
  • The Owl should be smaller, and the microscope needs to be more modern #29
    • About #29, @DiscoverTorium
      Thank you for the feedback. Here are improved versions - #90, #97, #114, #118, #119, #120, #121

  • Hi
    can u check this one?
    #115 #113 #112 #111 #110 #109 #108 #107 #106
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    I just modified this concept as your suggestion. Thank you for your feedback! #100
  • Hi CH i create a teacher turtle and baby turtle is trying to catch the science. #88
  • Thank you for your comment that really helps.

    kindly give me feedback. #83
  • We really like the font, but the magnifier/chemistry thing doesn't work... #33
    • @DiscoverTorium hi, just submitted #77, please check. i hope you like it. thank you

  • Could you make the S more obvious so that people would know the word? #59
  • They have decided they don't like the worm and would rather have a turtle. #36