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Winning design #148 by Axl, Logo Design for Disruptive start-up seeks logo design Contest
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designed by Axl

Project description

Logo design needed with no specific colors or design in mind. You may include the number "5" in the logo but please do not include the word "five" or roman numeral "V". Also please do not include the word energy.

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  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/disruptive-start-up-seeks-logo-design/entry/2/report
  • About #51 Hi 5 :) It all started with murals. The 5 fingers of a hand being painted in sacred caves dating as far back as 30 000 B.C. or more. Known as "cave hand paintings" around the world. Logo #51 was meant to be drawn as is Regards falqon
  • Let's see this again with only 2-3 colors, your choice
  • Can you revise again with some color changes, we want to see options on this one
  • HI CH, Per your request, I've softened the 5s and offered two color options. The first one is shades of the same family with different colors, the second one is shades of a similar color that go from blue to green. I can do this with any color/tones you would like just let me know! Thanks!
  • can you remove the words and keep the 5, also try to use a different set of colors
  • we'd like to see this one without the words, just the 5
  • we like the sense of motion, can you soften the 5s and use shades of a similar color
  • Can you edit again, this time add a very faint 5 back in
  • Hi CH, Per your request I took out the word consulting and I also played with the font weight and color. I also too a stab at just creating a logo with the words. I have a couple more ideas with the words that I am still playing with...stay tuned. Thanks!
  • Can you take another shot at this without "consulting"
  • Can you try the 5 bubbles in a different color and without the 5 label in the first bubble
  • Good start so far. Please avoid logos that are just a dressed up number 5s and please do not include the word "consulting." We like the use of other components with the 5. #13 and #16 both have our attention along with some of the circle based 5s like #8. We hope that you can find creative ways to incorporate our vision and idea of culture into the logos somehow. Also, we want to open up the creativity a little bit more by seeing logos that do not have a 5 present as well.
  • Stemming from the motto: Deliver level 5 culture, PERIOD. I have more variations if you want to see them.
  • For this design I thought I would use five circles with e, t, rm, e, c in them to show what your company stands for. Not putting the full word will make your audience want to know what they represent, and do research to know more about your company, I also put a 5 behind the circles.
  • Hello Contest Holder, I just uploaded the updated #25 ( now #55 ). I did some changes in the shape of the "5", to make it more homogeneous with the blue box. Thanks
  • Dear CH, Numbers #94, #93, #92 reflect the modern and simple logo for your corporate needs. I included text to the logos on purposes because I don't really understand how people will going to understand the new corporate look without any words. It's up to you. I put the "five consulting" just to show you that word-part may be there. The color variation is also optional and could be changed easily. These logos will be great on all surfaces and backgrounds. Also the icon could have solid colors, gradients, reflections, etc.
  • Five bands with the darker elements forming a '5'. Simple design which will lends itself to many applications.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH. http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/disruptive-start-up-seeks-logo-design/entry/60/report